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I’ll leave him after the holidays.

I’ll leave him after the holidays.

She knew her boyfriend was cheating on him, but left with him anyway on a trip to Europe. I shot this video while on vacation this summer, from…

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He knew that Fiance She was cheating on him, but left with him anyway for a trip to Europe. “I shot this video while on vacation this summer from the end of May to the end of July,” she wrote in the (viral) video shared on Tiktok. “I went on a 9 week road trip with my fiancé who cheated on me our entire relationship. I found out the day before.”

Ex-boyfriend takes the dog, cassation ruling: “damage to health must be returned”


The clip was posted on July 31 by Bdazzle and has 1.1 million views. The footage shows different photos of the friend, whose face has been blurred, taken from different European locations, while a hand holds a different tone in each shot in the foreground.

@I know a girl I went on a 9 week trip to Europe with my boyfriend who had been cheating on me in our entire relationship bc I found out the day before and didn’t want to lose thousands of dollars in cancellation fees! #cheat #cheating Serial cheater #poisonous #Karma #player #gut instinct #betrayal #secrets #cheatersexised #Women’s Empowerment #Keep it in your pants # Betrayal friend #fuckboy #Know your worth # self-worth #Unfaithful #life _ lesson #red flags #tricked #manipulate #Sociopath Insecure man ♬ original sound – Bdazzle

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According to what the woman said, she had been dating her boyfriend for a year and a half, and “after 6 months” he told her that he “loves” her. The couple moved in together and “began planning for the future”. But the woman reveals: “He would often make trips to cheat on me behind my back.” In a later comment, the girl said she discovered her boyfriend’s alleged infidelity after “seeing some messages”. He does not know that she knows all his betrayals. “So, after this (trip), I’m leaving him,” the man continues in another message, as the man stands against the backdrop of Tower Bridge in London.

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