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IKEA furniture, no one has ever thought of using it this way: transform your home

IKEA furniture, no one has ever thought of using it this way: transform your home

IKEA furniture is not only cheap, it can completely transform the atmosphere of a room; You just need to be a little daring to get an amazing result.

We have all gone at least once in our lives to visit IKEA showrooms, wandering through the proposed combinations for bedrooms, children's rooms, kitchens and bathrooms,

Undoubtedly The designers of the Swedish giant know how to design a room, and even when we browse the catalog we have the opportunity to take many inspirations. But someone did more: a Spanish architect succeeded Emphasize more – Which may seem impossible – if IKEA furniture possibilities.

When you go to IKEA, follow these instructions, and you will be able to create more exclusive furniture

IKEA solutions, as we know, are truly flexible and all environments can be easily created thanks to the different components that can be modified as desired. But there is a Spanish company that managed to create one A line of facades adapted to IKEA structures Through which you can further customize the furniture in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms.

There is a company that allows you to transform IKEA furniture –

The company is called CUBRO, and it bills itself as real the pirate From IKEA. In practice, it produces facades that replace IKEA facades and offer alternatives with completely new and original patterns, colors and designs.

By visiting the website We fully understand the company's mission: The client designs – for example – an IKEA kitchen, but also bathroom or wardrobe furniture, with models found in the Swedish store's catalogue. Then browse CUBRO catalog for a choice of fronts and finishes, including handles And other components based on the structure type.

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The company produces fascias and other custom components, ships them within 6 weeks, and is ready to be installed on an IKEA chassis.

Let's not forget that These CUBRO components can also replace already purchased Ikea furniture parts very wellThus renovating any room at the lowest cost. Instead of going back to buy in store, you can browse the CUBRO catalog and find a great deal Inspiration.

In this way, the styles that can be created with the Swedish giant's furniture are greatly expanded and the low initial cost of IKEA furniture is exploited to customize the design to your liking. A really interesting fact worth discovering, which will make designing new furnishings for the entire home much more enjoyable.