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Is your smartphone battery always dead?  The problem is there but you can't see it: How to address the error that jeopardizes the charge

Is your smartphone battery always dead? The problem is there but you can't see it: How to address the error that jeopardizes the charge

If your smartphone battery runs out quickly, make sure you haven't overlooked an essential step, even if it's barely visible.

There are many reasons The battery life of our smartphone can be short And discharge already during the day. Over time, these now indispensable devices in our lives have improved in all respects, including in terms of size and practicality, not to mention performance and function.

The mistake everyone makes with their smartphone battery –

However, it remains the mainstay of battery life which is not always optimal. It's easy to blame it, so to speak, on the heavy use of our smartphones. In fact, there are those who use it recklessly, as if there is no tomorrow, without realizing that this will inevitably shorten the battery life.

Are you using your smartphone less to extend battery life? A simple logo but it risks proving simplistic. It's not always clear that excessive phone use is the reason why our battery is short. Especially when we realize that even if we use it moderately or to a lesser extent, the battery still runs out. The problem in this case is there, but you can't see it.

Smartphone battery is always empty: how to fix the error that it “eats” the charge

The hidden reason for short smartphone battery life It may be hidden in background services. But what does that mean? We must start from a necessary premise about the functioning of applications, which, even if they remain inactive, can still “suck energy” from the phone.

This error may have the origin if the phone's battery is always dead –

Even when not active, apps installed on our smartphones can consume power by running in the background According to the licenses we granted during installation. There is one in particular that is known for its high energy consumption. In all likelihood, it is also present on your smartphone but there is no possibility to delete it. Let's talk about Google Play Services.

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For several years Google Play Services provides a whole series of background services For Android users, starting with contact syncing and automatic app updates through the Play Store. This is a built-in application that cannot be uninstalled. However, we can reduce its impact on the battery By deactivating most “power-hungry” background services..

How do we do? Just check which apps are consuming the most battery in the background. We can check this from the smartphone settings H By consulting the battery list. Then we will be able to limit the background activity of these applications in order to reduce their consumption.