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Igino Massari, The Trick to Perfect Tiramisu: A Secret Ingredient in Mascarpone You Can Do It Every Time

Igino Massari, The Trick to Perfect Tiramisu: A Secret Ingredient in Mascarpone You Can Do It Every Time

Egino Massari – Photo: Pinterest –

Here’s the secret to the perfect tiramisu. Igino Masari just uses this trick, let’s find out what it means to imitate it at home.

Tiramisu is a dessert that everyone really likes. May it be for its simplicity, consistency, coffee or delicious mascarpone cream, but no one can resist it. Actually browsing the web you can find Many versions all different from each other.

There are those who prefer strawberry, those who choose the pistachio version instead, and those who decide to replace the coffee with barley, especially if there are children involved. But without going too far into innovative versions, we’re referring to the original recipe, the one you think of when you hear the word tiramisu.

What is required? Handful of ingredients: Mascarpone, eggs, coffee sugar and lady fingers. Nothing easier right? However, the famous pastry chef, with over 50 years of experience, came up with a slightly different recipe, we’re talking about it. Igino Massari. The great pastry chef prepares them Two creams: on the one hand the classic custard and on the other hand it depends on mascarpone and cream.

It brings them together for a really mouthwatering result. Let’s find out how.

All you need

To write down everything you’ll need to make a tiramisu like Igino Massari, you’ll need pen and paper, the list is long. to Prepare the custard You will need to use:

  • 3 medium egg yolks;
  • 40 grams of sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod;
  • 10 grams of corn starch
  • 100 grams of whole milk
  • grated lemon zest.

For exampler bathe her 5g of sugar, 45g of water and 45g of flour will be sufficient. Instead of that Mascarpone cream: 150 grams of mascarpone and the same amount of fresh cream, 3 grams of gelatin powder, 15 grams of boiling water.

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Tiramisu – Photo: Pinterest –

to prepare

The first thing to do is prepare the custard, take a large enough bowl and put it in freezer. In a saucepan, heat the milk, add the lemon and vanilla, then let it boil. In another bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the sugar and starch. When the milk comes to a boil, turn off the heat and slowly pour it over the eggs, stirring, before transferring everything to the cold pot, and letting it rest.

To make the mascarpone cream, start by mixing the mascarpone with the sugar until smooth Soft creamThen add the cream and whisk. Then dissolve the gelatin leaves, before adding them, but after letting them soak for a few minutes. At this stage, the two creams are combined to form the tiramisu.