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If you notice these spots on your nails, contact your doctor immediately: the diagnosis is clear and should not be underestimated

If you notice these spots on your nails, contact your doctor immediately: the diagnosis is clear and should not be underestimated

Nails must be taken care of, otherwise they may be exposed to serious diseases. Pay attention to any spots that may appear.

Nails, in addition to being an aesthetic item, are also an aesthetic item An important indicator of our overall health. Sudden changes in nail color along with pain and discomfort may be signs of underlying problems that require medical attention.

First of all, it should be emphasized that it is It is necessary to consult a doctor if you notice any abnormal changes in your nails. In fact, a professional will be able to provide accurate assessment and timely treatment. Among the different signals that nails can give, color is one of the most obvious and important. Let's see what symptoms we need to pay special attention to and what these signs can mean.

Stains on nails: causes, risks and prevention

the Brown nails are often a warning sign, especially when it comes to onychomycosis. This disorder, caused by microorganisms such as fungi, mold and yeast, can present with changes in nail color, including browning. Onychomycosis most often affects the toenails, mainly due toA suitable environment for fungi to grow inside shoes. Where the temperature and humidity are higher. Furthermore, toenails are more susceptible to trauma, which may help microorganisms settle.

Brown nails can be a symptom of onychomycosis –

Treatment for onychomycosis varies depending on the severity of the disorder. Topical antifungal medications, nail trimming and systemic treatments They can be used to fight infections. Knowing risk factors, such as humid environments, non-breathable shoes, and a weakened immune system, is essential to take preventive measures and reduce the risk of onychomycosis. Then, by carefully following the doctor’s instructions and keeping the nails clean on a regular basis, recurrence can be prevented.

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Finally, although rare, Another disease that shows a change in nail color as a symptom is nail melanoma. This is a serious form of cancer that can appear when a dark band forms on the nail. It is important to pay attention to symptoms such as destruction of the nail plate or the formation of nodules around the nail, and even in this case, Consult a doctor immediately if suspected.

In conclusion, changes in nail color can be indicators of underlying health problems, ranging from common fungal infections to skin cancer. It is necessary to pay attention to these signs and always consult a doctor to get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Self-diagnosis can be risky, so it is always recommended to seek professional advice Your doctor before making any decision regarding your health.