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A black hole swallows eight stars. Watch the beautiful video released by NASA

A black hole swallows eight stars. Watch the beautiful video released by NASA

In a movie released by NASA, eight stars expand and deform before being swallowed by a black hole a million times the size of the Sun. This simulation shows that the destruction and survival of stars depends on their initial density.

NASA has released a video showing a large black hole A million times our sun Which swallows 8 stars. A simulation in which we can observe it approaching the event horizon, then deform and expand Due to the enormous gravity of the black hole. Some of them collapse completely in a huge way Gas flow: This phenomenon is called Tidal disturbance. But others were only partially destroyed, retained their mass and returned to its original form After approaching the black hole.

Black holes: The survival of a star depends on its density

This division between stars that completely disintegrate and others that manage to survive has nothing to do with their mass. Rather, to density. Scientists use these Computer simulation To understand how the mass of black holes and the density of stars affect tidal disturbance events. The results will help them estimate how often these phenomena occur in the universe, which will help them process images more accurate to These close encounters.

Simulations conducted by a member Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in GarchingIn Germany, they were the first to combine the physical effects of Einstein's theory of relativity with related astronomical models Stellar density. The stars examined (along with the black hole) in the video are about one-tenth to 10 times their size Sun mass. Taiho Ryu and his research team will continue to work on this matter New models Which will allow us to understand more about one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics: black holes. In the meantime, we invite you to read our latest article in which we reveal 10 interesting things about black holes.

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sourcecover image credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Taeho Ryu (MPA)