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If Italy does not pick up the ships, the transfer will stop

If Italy does not pick up the ships, the transfer will stop

“Countries like France and Germany were countries that welcomed ships and immigrants directly from Africa and Asia,” Dormanin recalled.

“The South should open its doors to NGOs” – “Among the 10 points of the European Commission’s plan, we must remind everyone of the law of the sea, NGOs in the Mediterranean are open to save people, and mention the fact that obviously they cannot be in any way. Equal to the organizations and remember that – Dormanin underlined – the Southern Mediterranean Countries should open their ports to boats, especially NGOs sailing in the territorial waters of southern Mediterranean countries, because sometimes there are no ports. Opened “.

Ocean Viking Case – On the issue of migrants, relations between our country and Paris are tense. Everything comes from Ocean Viking Case, The ship, with 231 migrants on board, was rejected by Italy and later landed at the port of Toulon in France. The French government had initially decided to accept 3,500 refugees from Rome and tighten border controls with Italy.

Italy: “Time to Act” – During the extraordinary meeting of European interior ministers, Italy will present its position regarding the programming lines in the action plan on 20
Points issued by the European Commission on 21 November. Italy does not offer a points scheme.
However, the convening of an extraordinary assembly and the draft action plan proposed by the European Commission are “a sign of great attention to Italy’s needs. However, the situation requires timely action”.

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