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World Cup: 2022 England v USA No goal, 0-0 in Qatar

England-USA 0-0 to Group B of the World Cup in Qatar RegisterBritain leads with 4 points, Iran with 3 points, followed by USA with 2 and Wales with 1 point.

Little was said from the game’s point of view and the result of the match at the Al Ghawr stadium in the form of a Bedouin tent.. The crowd’s outcry at the end of the game was justified: the challenge deserved a great performance, but England seemed less than usual and the Americans, although they missed a couple of chances (wasted by McKenney and Pulisic’s crossbar in the first half) sometimes gave the appearance of settling for equals. They certainly paid for the lack of a truly talented striker, and it’s not just an issue of Stars and Stripes representatives, their path is complicated by the fact that they have no alternative to victory against the Iranians.

But optimism is what characterizes Americans, so all that remains is to wait for the showdown on Tuesday the 29th. The first half ended scoreless mainly due to the inaccuracy of the Americans, who tried to play openly against an ‘England, in which Southgate confirmed the same early position as the 6-2 against Iran. England dominated possession during the first 45′, but with no outlets, Kane failed to capitalize on a single chance in the opening minutes, while the US tried to change game situations with quick counter-attacks.. Wright and Pulisic tried to hit the crossbar, while McKenney, to the frustration of his bench, missed a penalty in practice. The English tried, but without much hope, and responded in the final moments with Saga and Mt.

At the beginning of the second half the music did not change, you did not see much performance and intensity, Bellingham was disappointed in England, was extravagant against the Iranians, this time could not set up the maneuver effectively, And repeatedly protested that Musa also holds an Italian passport and plays for Gatuso’s Valencia. At one point Southgate replaced him with Henderson, but even the influx of Liverpool fans couldn’t change that.

That being said, aside from the value of the Americans (they would have won on points if it had been boxing), the British performance today was a step back. Thus the end result, without goals, affirms That the United States was one of England’s bete noirs, defeated by American amateurs in the 1950 World Cup And in 2010, when Fabio Capello was in charge of the Three Lions, they were held to a (1-1) draw. See you next Tuesday when everything will be decided.

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