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The WFP diet has become popular: lose weight and detox all at once

The WFP diet has become popular: lose weight and detox all at once

Ideal for purifying the body and losing weight at the same time: it is the WFP diet, the latest trend that guarantees excellent results.

Weight loss In a balanced, correct and at the same time way Cleansing the body Of toxins and anything that could be a harmful accumulation: a specific diet is designed to achieve this goal. It's about World Food Programmewhich is an abbreviation that means Whole food, plant based. It is a plant-based diet, a diet based on consuming exclusively whole, plant-based foods.

WFP diet for weight loss and cleansing –

The purpose of this diet is Lose weight and get rid of toxins, thus purifying the body And put him in the best conditions to free himself from everything that weighs him down and also get rid of the extra kilograms. He is All products of animal origin are excluded. It is therefore the ideal purification diet for those who already have a vegetarian eating style, but can also be applied for a short period of time by those who eat meat but simply want to purify and lose weight.

While it is certainly beneficial for many, it may not be suitable for everyone and there are barriers that do not make it suitable for everyone indiscriminately. And for this It is always a good idea to consult your doctor or nutritionist To make sure it is the right choice for your health conditions. Here's how specifically the World Food Program's diet is structured.

The World Food Program diet: how to do it and what are its effects

The WFPB is one of the latest trends in weight loss diets, and it is structured in a very specific way. to eat breakfast Provides a A cup of plant milkWhich can be chosen from soy, oat, rice, almond and coconut milk. A little bit of Dried fruit Like a few walnuts or a handful of hazelnuts can go with it Fresh fruit Like berries.

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How does the new diet work?
How is the World Food Program's diet organized –

This concentration of omega-3 and antioxidants can be combined with sugar-free coffee. Snacks It should also consist of mid-morning Dried or fresh fruits In moderate quantities. Then we move on lunch Which can be cold or hot depending on the season and can consist of Rich salad with seasonal vegetablesCooked, raw or soup, always with vegetables.

Alternatively you can choose Legume salads or soups Of the same in combination or not with grains. Oilseeds and avocados are allowed as carriers of good fats. for dinner You can think of it Pasta with vegetable pesto Or to one Cream of legumes soup Oh ad Minestrone. Therefore, this diet mainly focuses on vegetables, legumes, grains, and fresh and dried fruits.

Refined foods that have been modified through complex industrial processes should be avoided, as should all animal derivatives. The WFP diet will ensure a good feeling of satiety and noticeable weight loss immediately. However, it should not be followed for a long time To avoid deficiencies including mainly protein but also vitamins such as B12.