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“I will take Milan to the Court of Justice for the memorabilia in the San Siro Museum. I will also contact Mazzola.”

“I will take Milan to the Court of Justice for the memorabilia in the San Siro Museum. I will also contact Mazzola.”

The matter did not end with the final ruling of the Court of Cassation The relationship between Gianni Rivera and Milan over the exhibition of former Golden Boy memorabilia at the San Siro Museum. In fact, Abbattino, as the great Gianni Brera called him, has confirmed that he will bring the case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg: he has always been firmly convinced that some of the objects attributed to him, displayed for a fee in the rooms of the Rossoneri Museum, are in fact displayed without his consent.

Riviera Milan controversy over museum memorabilia

The use of what Rivera considers his memories, from T-shirts to shoes, from trophies to works of art, is precisely what the former champion is questioning. So much so that he has already filed a lawsuit against Milan. At first he was right, but then on appeal and then in the Supreme Court the museum trustees prevailed. For the Supreme Court, in particular, the Milan club had every right to display the memorabilia, even by paying a sum that the judges considered small.: 7 euros (exempt for people over 65 years old and under 14 years old).

The former Golden Boy clarifies: “I have nothing against Milan”

In an interview with Republica, the former Golden Boy explained his reasons: “I'm not angry at Milan, but at those who have profited from my image for years, without even asking for permission. I discovered this by chance, and discovered that people even pay for the ticket. I consider this to be an unjustified exploitation of the image, and I will now go to the European Court of Justice. These gentlemen in the so-called museum, actually two failed rooms, talk of educational interest: so why an admission ticket?

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San Siro Museum: A private investigator has been appointed

“The truth is they make a lot of money thanks to us not having anything to do with it,” Rivera continues. “On the field there is a billboard of me wearing a red and black shirt, which in my opinion is not original, and there are some shoes that are presented as my shoes: impossibleBecause at the end of every year I would throw them away. There is even a bust that the sculptor Todeschini gave me. I left it in Milanello, but everyone knew it was mine. I found out they showed it at San Siro, because a friend sent me some pictures. “I've also hired a private investigator to see the matter more clearly.”

The phone call with Mazzola: “There's also his bulletin board”

Even in his battle, Rivera is ready to engage his longtime rival. Yes, the same Mazzola who limited him to just a few minutes in the 1970 World Cup final in Mexico Which was the symbol and flag of Inter. In fact, Mazzola would have received the same treatment as well. “In this type of museum/non-museum there is also a bulletin board for Sandro Mazzola: I will call him now,” promised Rivera.

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