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"In front of Leicester I will show what I learned in Italy. We can beat anyone"

“In front of Leicester I will show what I learned in Italy. We can beat anyone”

“We are walking strong, we are convinced and confident. The Lister He plays a bit like us, taking advantage of the counterattack. I will be back in England This match will allow me to show what I learned in Italy. I am excited, I think the whole family will come to see me.”

Mourinho: Inter are stronger and I hope they win the Scudetto. We are good but we are not perfect, now I am dreaming of my role as a conference.”

Tammy Abraham He prepares for his return to the United Kingdom as a kind of revenge for those who made him leave with a light heart without understanding his true potential: ‘We must prepare with confidence, for if we are on the same day we can defeat anyone. “It’s just a matter of believing in ourselves,” the striker said in an interview with UEFA.

His arrival in Rome was made possible above all thanks to his intercession Jose Mourinho: “His first words were: ‘Would you rather stay in England where it always rains, or come to Rome in the sun?'” We laughed, but then he said: “No, seriously.” I always considered him a father figure, and according to him, this is the best place for me now; I can make my mark in Italian football and make myself known all over the world, and not only in England.And that’s been enough for me.He knows when I’m up there with my head and when I sleep a little.He really knows how to lead the team and inspire them to want more.It’s a breath of fresh air.When we have to get up, he’s there.When we play well,he tells us but he wants More. A player could not ask for anything better.”

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Rome welcomed him and made him feel at home: “I love this city! It’s an experience I will never forget and coming here was like a dream come true: I wanted something new. I grew up in England, so it was nice to get to know a different culture. Here I see the history of the city and enjoy the food, I live every minute well.”