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I See 2023, how much more if savings grow

I See 2023, how much more if savings grow

In recent years you’ve been able to save some extra money, or thanks to an inheritance or donation, you’ve seen your checking account increase in value. However, the good news can be joined by some bad news: In fact, having more money in the checking account may increase the ISEE. In fact, to calculate the index, both income and assets are taken into account: if one of these two items increases, while the others remain unchanged, an increase in the ISEE will result, with all the consequences that follow: from the loss of some privileges to the reduction of the amount of the only allowance received.

In this regard, it is legitimate to ask how an increase in funds in the current account can lead to an increase in Isee 2023, which – we remember – we will consider updated income and assets on December 31, 2021, two years before the filing of the Dsu.

So, look at what happens if your checking account savings increase between 2020 and 2021: How much will the ISEE increase? As explains to us, there are no consequences when the transferred assets remain below €15,493.71, as the funds in the checking account below this limit are not considered for ISEE purposes.

Otherwise, the value that exceeds this limit is taken and added to the real estate assets. However, from the final score, only 20% is taken, which in turn is added to the income to arrive at the value of the ISEE, i.e. the indicator of economic condition. From this value to arrive at the ISEE it will be necessary to divide everything by the equivalence parameter, calculated on the basis of the number of family members and their age or status.

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In short, when the change in funds in the current account involves exceeding the minimum amount of €15,493.71, only 20% of the difference will be taken into account. Thus, the effect on the ISEE, unless we are dealing with large sums, will not be relevant to, say, the change in income.