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Who has an interest in taking us to Mays?

Who has an interest in taking us to Mays?

50 billion in the last quarter. Here how much Italians they have I picked up of their savings to meet the expensive bills. One might say we told you so, but let’s forget it, because they are so wasteful words that get lost in the wind. The only thing we can tell you is that 50 billion is actually a heritage asset. Savings are what our grandparents, our parents, set aside for future events, which could be an investment for their children, but it could also be an emergency or illness. Saving was what was set aside to deal with something related to the personal, emotional, family sphere, and perhaps a small business. It’s not like they stood aside to pay the bills Invoices Because someone else has failed in the macro system to give back what others have and pay for.

Because if we put the Italians 50 billionI would like to ask how much the big energy companies, the big players, those listed on the stock exchange, those who make gold deals, who pay the salaries of their managing directors have put in. So if the Italians have to withdraw 50 billion dollars, we know that this money is the fruit of sweat, it is the fruit of hard work. That 50 billion is real, it is something we have set aside and now have to spend to pay for electricity and gas.

What happened to all the nice words? 50 billion is real 50 billion, not spin games. And while I hear about 50 billion, on the same days they come to talk to me again Month. Each berry is MES-checked, f European Stability Mechanism. MES is a disaster. Gentlemen, MES is a disaster and let’s ask ourselves “Why are they pushing so hard to get us to MES”? Because they know that the environmental management mechanism is a mechanism that commissions the state and at this stage, there is no point in creating governments trulyl the left, up and down. Super bureaucrats are to blame. If we complain about bureaucrats entering a last-minute rule into maneuvers that someone else needs, imagine those others. The super-bureaucrats of ESM are such an extraordinary breed that they enjoy impunity, an impunity, and ostracism that no one else has.

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If I give you one Escaping from the PunishmentOne ostracism, it means you’re dealing with radioactive material and MES, radioactive material, we shouldn’t take it and we shouldn’t even certify it. Here is where things go wrong watermelon. There is a consensus rule. Excellent. So I’m sorry, there is a consensus. We don’t endorse it because we don’t want this radioactive tool to get into the tool shop in the country, because maybe someone will take it sooner or later. If all the others have done it and find themselves in a state of help, do you want Greater Europe not to have another tool to deal with someone’s crisis? So the truth is not what they tell us. The truth is they want us back in a cage, a goddamn cage.