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I received 8 months of chemotherapy

I received 8 months of chemotherapy

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

At Big Brother Vibe’s home, Alberto de Pesés told Carolina Marconi that he had battled a tumor in the past: “I had 8 months of chemotherapy.” “We are warriors,” replied the contestant who won her battle against breast cancer and took her life in her own hands.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

in home Big Brother VIPAnd the Alberto de Besses He indulged in a confession about his past. In the living room with Carolina Marconi, The opponent said that he faced a delicate path Chemotherapy Lasted 8 months to fight a cancer. A difficult page in his life he chose to share with Jevina who recently defeated breast cancer in turn and decided to get back in the game.

The story of Alberto de Besses by Carolina Marconi

The conversation between Alberto de Pesces and Carolina Marconi, in the living room, began with poetry. “If I stay here six months they will grow me even here,” Givina said, pointing to her ears, indicating regrowth after chemotherapy. “They grow you fuller and strongerThe opponent responded with confidence.Have you grown stronger? You understand me, when you told me that thing over there”And the Carolina Marconi responded, referring to the confidence her roommate had about her past. “Honey, I’ve been through eight months of chemotherapy.”adds Taylor Mega’s ex-boyfriend, coming out of the closet about a tumor he’s fought against in the past, without going into the details of the disease, so much so that the showgirl concludes: “Slowly you will tell me. We are warriors.”. Even a few months ago, in fact, Carolina Marconi also faced her battle against breast cancer, sharing her step-by-step path on social networks, to victory.

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Alberto de Pesces Route to GF Vip

Alberto de Besses is 30 years old, a businessman, influencer, gossip expert and ex-boyfriend of Taylor Mega. During his trip at GF Vip’s house, he initially expressed an interest, not reciprocated, towards Luca Salatino, who was engaged to Soraia Allam Ceruti. Then the competitor’s attention turned to Edoardo Donnamaria, who, in turn, never hid an element of attraction for Antonella Fiordelisi. So the Givino found himself in the midst of a courtship that had just blossomed: “It gave me a way to bond. But it’s not just the kiss, it’s the way she looked at me and more. But I don’t want to be a hindrance.”