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Ray 2 “stealing” the competition

A severe blow to Al Rai 2 competition. This is the third time: it is a very cruel insult to Mary

Ray 2 (Youtube)

Over the years, many television personalities have appeared, having first appeared on a network, Then they moved to another place. Think, for example, of Alessia Marcuzzi, the historical face of Mediaset that in a few months will land on Rai 2 with Boomerissima. Paulo Bonolis also had the same experience, but on the contrary, from Avary Tui on Ray 1, and then reached Mediaset, Absolute Records Mode with its programmes.

In the past few hours, the cast of the much-anticipated Rai 2 show has been announced. But among the names, there is one called by Maria de Filippi: It’s another low blow for her, The third robbery.

Ray 2: After Stefano and Marcelo, he also arrived

Andreas Muller
Andreas Muller (YouTube)

One of the few competitors of Amici who participated in two editions is Andreas Muller. In fact, the dancer had to abandon the program on his first attempt due to a very serious injury. However, he was allowed to return the following year, where he was victorious win the copy. And here he showed himself in all his artistic and human qualities, paving the way for him to a bright future.

Immediately Join our team of professionalsAccompany the children in learning and presenting new designs during the episode. Then Ad Amici met Veronica Piparini who, after her divorce from her ex-husband, Fabrizio Brolli, I got engaged to him The start of a love story that continues today. But in recent months, Andreas has distanced himself from Amici, not participating in my evening Amici 21 or Amici 22. Veronica Piparini did the same, give up the role As a teacher taken today by Emmanuel Lou.

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In the past few hours it emerged what Andreas Amici had left for him: Rai 2 will be on the team of Non Sono Una Signora, where she will have to transform into a drag queen. With him are other great characters:

For Maria de Filippi, that’s it The third “stealing” a dancer in a few years. The first was Stefano di Martino, and today the indispensable face of Rai 2. The second is Marcello Sacchetta who, along with Mara Maionchi, led the Nudi per la Vita. today And Andreas stole it: How did the Queen of Canale 5 take it? It is impossible to know.