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“I know this is going to sound crazy!”

“I know this is going to sound crazy!”

Francesco Ciofalo announced that he had booked a high-risk surgery: it would change the natural color of his eyes.

Francesco Chiofalo He announced that he had booked surgery High risk: It will change the natural color of his eyes. A very expensive process with some unknowns.

Francesco Ciofalo: “I will change the color of my eyes. I will have the operation in a few days.”

The operation that the 35-year-old Romanian wants to undergo is called Corneal pigmentation With dark eyes, you can choose a lighter color, blue or green. Chiofalo He shared his decision on Instagram, saying he doesn't believe the “urban myths” about this type of surgery (Which according to basic knowledge can lead to serious consequences such as pigmentary glaucoma, a serious disease that can lead to blindness) and that light eyes also represent a dream that he has always had.

Here's what he said Francesco Chiofalo It's Instagram.

“I know it may seem crazy to you, and some of it seems crazy to me too. In a few days here in Rome, I will have surgery to change my eye color. I have already paid the deposit, booked the surgery date and I know that in a few days I will be inundated with criticism.” But I decided to say it because it's something that's pretty obvious, so… how can I not say it? I don't see what's the difference between changing eye color and plastic surgery. It's something I've always dreamed of, I know it might sound stupid, I know I'll be drowned in criticism? “But I always dreamed of having light eyes.”


“My mother's whole family has light eyes, I never had them before and that's something I've always struggled with, now I can have a little dream of my own. Honestly, I haven't decided what color my eyes will be yet but I'll think about it over these few days ahead of me.” The operation and there are many myths that it is a very dangerous operation that you end up going blind and developing eye cancer. I may sound crazy but honestly I do not think that this operation is more dangerous than any other operation such as breast or nose augmentation. I do the operation here in Rome And not in Abu Dhabi. This means that it is an operation approved by the European Union. I am confident of the competent bodies that have approved this type of operation in Europe and tested that it involves the same level of risk as any other operation. I pay for the surgery, so I do not want to advertise it. The clinic in any way…I will document my personal experience while changing eye color.”

In the past, Lentikio has already undergone various surgeries including beard transplantation and lip augmentation.

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