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Celebrity Island, Francisco Benigno's shock exclusion: why

Celebrity Island, Francisco Benigno's shock exclusion: why

The island of famous people He keeps losing pieces. Because after what happened to Marina Soma too The shock of exclusion Francesco Benigno. The actor entered late on Thursday after the start of the Mediaset reality show. But it looks like something (very serious) has gone wrong, because now He leaves with a timely statementBetween the disbelief of his teammates and the doubts of the fans watching in fear from home. We were thinking infectionOr to a choice dictated by deeper reasons. And instead ofLatest communications On the part of the leaders it displaces everyone. while TV broadcast in progress a The island of famous people have been cancelled. Let's see what happens in detail below.

Francesco Benigno, the shocking farewell to Celebrity Island

He came, he saw, then he left. In fundamental contradiction to the famous quote by Julius Caesar, Francesco Benigno He is already out of picture A The island of famous people. The actor, after tearful messages from his wife and children, announces his departure I came running For reality TV, he decided to pack his bags today. Abandon Honduras, with Exciting decisiongiven the very little time he spent on the program, but also the intense conviction with which he entered.

“Francesco Benigno's experience at L'Isola dei Famosi is over”We learn with horror, “H The TV broadcast has been closed. Another match will open with the castaways remaining in the nomination and will close on Thursday at 3 p.m. “Because Benigno, among other things, also ended up in the telecast. It is clear then that the games need to be rethought.Voting has been suspended Right away, waiting to be able to recalibrate everything in the best way possible. He was the reporter Eleanor Casalegno, at the end of the daytime broadcast on Canale 5 to present news of the astonishing development. And there's more.

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Because if it was at the beginning, a few minutes ago, one might think that was the reason for saying goodbye infection Among the more classic ones, things are actually quite different. It's no coincidence either Personal concernsOr missing family a lot. The second statement from the island is now icy and makes it (almost) quite clear: “Following inappropriate behavior prohibited by the regulations, Francesco Benigno has been excluded from L'Isola dei Famosi.”

the details

certainly Tomorrow nightDuring the new episode we will understand something more about what is happening. Another very short statement promises viewers: “More ideas About the story of Francesco Benigno It will be provided in tomorrow night's episode On Canale 5″. Maybe you'll understand What he did Benign. And how dangerous it is Situation. noMeanwhile, all those who voted via SMS will receive a refund. The votes obtained will not be considered valid. The island is losing its parts, as we mentioned. And It's definitely not good news.