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"I have cancer".  And Vittorio Feldri is leaving the Milan City Council

“I have cancer”. And Vittorio Feldri is leaving the Milan City Council

Within a year of his election with the Italian brothers in the City Council of Milan, Vittorio Feltri In the last few hours he has decided to resign. Confirmation came from the person involved in the last episode of the radio show MosquitoBroadcast every Friday on Radio 24: “I resigned for health reasons because I have cancer“Frank, as always, the journalist is not hiding behind a finger. Vittorio Feltri’s place in the city council will be taken by Enrico Marcora.

Vitorio Feltri’s illness is not new and the journalist has already announced that he has an illness Cancer A few weeks ago, when he revealed his illness as a sign of solidarity with singer Fedes, his health problem emerged. With an editorial published in Libero, Vittorio Feltri sided with the rapper because not everyone at the time could understand what was going on in the head of a thirty-year-old boy diagnosed with pancreatic cancer: “Dear Fedes, I have read about your health problems and sorry, I hope they will be resolved soon. You are a talented young man, you have a beautiful family and I understand your mood in the face of illness“.

In his heartfelt and profound editorial, Vittorio Feldri explained how he discovered his tumor: “I do lab tests every 24 months and want to check if everything is correct. The answers have always gone well, even if the brain – and the detail is amazing – works wonders, even if it’s smoked for centuries like a chimney, a liver and a few glasses of perfect lungs. But on the last test with a CT scan, the pattern varied from head to toe, which gave me an unpleasant surprise. Report: Knot Chest, left side (left is always on my balls)“.

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Vittorio Feltri underwent surgery in early March and, above all, he continues to serve in his greatest interest: the press. “When I left the clinic, I went to the newspaper and sat down at the desk where I was at the moment I was writing to you. And I have Served Always trusting nothing to anyone. I did not feel the need. Rather now I want to make it clear to you and everyone, why should I say in a low voice that I have cancer, mine is not a sexually transmitted disease.“, Feltry added,” His lashes and openness are always one of his best qualities.

The result of that editorial may be the profound and honest reaction one would expect from someone like him: “Dear Fedes, I can not comfort you, but I would like to point out that I hit my balls with my knuckle. False sentence, but true. I will fight anyone as long as I am in the world, even with cancer. Listen to what I say, do not cry, fight with misfortune, you will be The reason You“.