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Hamidton, F1 Miami in the United States - News

Hamidton, F1 Miami in the United States – News

Hamilton “American”, still somewhat important and in the times of Formula 1 adherence in the United States. Hamilton One who never misses the opportunity to experience foreign eventsBreathe air between one GP and another and the American way of life.

Of course he’s the most recognizable face in the states of Formula 1, at least before Netflix opened the doors of a world unknown to most.

Since then Miami G.P.An event in the broadest sense of the word – in which the game element is an appendix to almost everything – Louise spoke to Good Morning America about the split between America and Formula 1, which was finally overturned.

F1 recognized

“Everyone knows NASCAR, there’s a lot of fans out there. Like I said, the Netflix show – especially during epidemics – brought tremendous recognition to Formula 1 and is now enjoying its boom.

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Especially since we recorded at the same time knowing how awesome this game was and it’s so awesome that we did it. A certain disconnect between the United States and the rest of the world in terms of interest in Formula 1.

In a very short period of time, in Miami, tickets were on sale to follow the GP from the stands and to enjoy the atmosphere and attraction environment around the Grand Prix. Absolutely no popular prices, Miami has the highest profile appointment and good individuality to compete with the “in” places on the calendar. Despite these factors, large cases are publicly reported.

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Miami, Las Vegas: The Golden Age of F1 in the United States

“I think it’s going to be a big event for us because it’s going to be a bit stressful. We’ve already raced in Austin, Texas, and it’s always been incredible. The first race I ran here was in 2007 in Indianapolis.

Now, the Netflix series Drive To Survive is growing, We have two Grand Prix states, one coming to Las Vegas next year. This is going to be an extraordinary one. “Says Hamilton.

Love is on the rise in the states and we have a lot of fans. Miami will be an experience for all of usFor the racing community and for the fans who follow us The one who flies to Miami to see us, has never been there before. The United States has a lot of concessions in this regard.