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Hungary, anti-LGBT law dislikes Von Der Leyen: 'It's a shame'

Hungary, anti-LGBT law dislikes Von Der Leyen: ‘It’s a shame’

Law “against homosexual propaganda towards minors”. outright against the law gay; He came from Hungary where he rules Victor Urban. Italy expressed its condemnation in the General Affairs Council of the European Union. And now comes the refusal of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. “Hungarian law is a disgrace, it discriminates against people based on sexual orientation and goes against the core values ​​of the European Union. “We will not compromise on these principles,” von der Leyen said in response to journalists who asked her for a comment on the anti-LGBT law. clear position.

Orban and the anti-LGBT law, von der Leyen: ‘It’s a shame’

Italy also expressed its condemnation of Hungary’s anti-LGBT law. The intervention of the commission is required “by all means” in defense of rights. With Italy there are all the greats, from Germany to France, from Spain to Holland to Sweden. Italy – where the difficult battle over the Zahn bill is being fought – initially decided not to join the Belgian initiative, which was immediately joined by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia. We have to wait for a tweet in the evening, while in Rome and Brussels the political debate is already escalating, with Under Secretary for European Affairs Enzo Amendola announcing the shift: Italy has become the 14th country to sign the petition.

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“At the end of the General Affairs Council – Amendola wrote – no satisfactory explanations came from Hungary regarding the laws adopted that produce discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. For this reason, after discussion, Italy also signed the request of the other 13 member states of the European Union.”

Germany and France (and Italy) sign a declaration against Hungarian anti-LGBT law. EU beacon on the base

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