Sunday, July 21, 2024

HTC is sending VR headsets into space to cheer on astronauts


Whether it’s a visit to the International Space Station (ISS) or any other virtual space mission, most VR enthusiasts seek to leave this planet and venture into the unknown. However, HTC is sending modified VR headsets to the ISS, to give astronauts… The only ones. Something to do besides staring into the starry abyss.

Those on Earth may need a headset for space travel, while those in space may need a headset for other entertainment purposes. HTC has partnered with XRHealth and engineering firm Nord Space to send the HTC VIVE Focus 3 headphones to the International Space Station. As part of an ongoing project aimed at improving astronauts’ mental health during long missions on the station.

These headphones are pre-loaded with unique software, specifically designed to accommodate and improve the mental health conditions of astronauts in they won’t be needed to play during breaks, although that might not be a bad idea.

Space technology

The headphones feature new camera tracking technology that was specifically developed to work in microgravity conditions, including eye-tracking sensors to better assess astronauts’ mental health status. These sensors are coupled with software aimed at “maintaining mental health in orbit,” as explained by the parties involved in the project.

The visors have also been improved to stabilize alignment and thus reduce the likelihood of seasickness. Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen will be the first crew member of the International Space Station to reach this station Uses A virtual reality headset for mental health prevention during his six-month mission as space station commander.HTC is sending VR headsets into space to cheer on astronauts

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The upgraded and modified Vive Focus 3 headphones will soon be sent to the space station, although there is no arrival date yet. It is worth noting that great engineering efforts had to be made to make these headsets work in microgravity, as many aspects of the virtual reality headset depend on the Earth’s natural gravity.

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