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How's the queen's nephew?

How’s the queen’s nephew?

one is not good at Prince Harry. After receiving a resounding refusal from the Queen, who denied the souvenir photo with her granddaughter, Lillipet, Duke of Sussex He fell off his horse during a polo match in front of his acquaintances and friends.

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Prince Harry fears for the Queen’s grandson: What happened

Since leaving the royal family to settle in Montecito, California, the king’s grandson has resumed raising his passion for polo, which is the UK’s national sport but has yet to be practiced on nearly as professional levels as it does now.

On Friday, during a charity tournament with Los Padres at the Cancha de Estrela Polo Club in Santa Barbara, Prince was thrown onto the lawn by his horse who separated him from his saddle. Moments of fear for the Duke of Sussex and his friends present, who immediately feared injury.

After moments of waiting, the 37-year-old got up unscathed, but his team had no luck as they lost the match. In short, a weekend to forget for Markle’s husband, who also lost the case against Invicta a few days ago.

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