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How to care for plants in the summer: expert advice that should not be underestimated

How to care for plants in the summer: expert advice that should not be underestimated

Since it's summer, it's good to know how to take care of your plants flawlessly: here's the expert's advice.

Spring has recently arrived and nature has begun to be reborn with it. The plants we have at home, or on our balcony, are beginning to flower, to have their green leaves appear again and, above all, to grow strong and thriving, after a long winter rest. There is very little left until the beginning of summer and the intense heat that all living things fear.

about that, Do you know how you can take care of plants perfectly during the summer? Let's see together what the expert has to say about it: we will make them strong and lush despite the hellish temperatures.

Plants in summer: here's how to care for them meticulously

Caring for your plants is a procedure that must be done constantly every day. There should not be a day, neither in summer nor in winter, when the latter can be neglected, because we can let them die without realizing it. However, if caring for them seems much easier in winter, since they do not flower and some of them “hibernate,” this is not the case in summer. On the contrary, keeping them alive is much more difficult.

I the reasons Why does this happen multiple: Excessive heat, exposure to the sun, humidity in the air, and the presence of small animals on it And so on and so on. So let's see what the expert has to tell us about it: they will be perfect with her advice.

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Expert advice for summer plants
How to care for plants in summer following expert advice (

between Professional advice We certainly find:

  • Amount of water that should be given to plants: It is natural to understand, by monitoring our plant soil and seeing temperatures rising, that we necessarily need an increase in the amount of water we provide to our plants. Therefore, watering must also be increased depending on the plant we are dealing with.
  • Best time to water plants: As many know, the best time to water it is definitely early in the morning, around 6 a.m., or late in the evening, until midnight, before going to bed. This way the soil is cool and there is no burning sun. The water will not evaporate, but will be completely absorbed by the plant in question.
  • Change the vaseSpring and summer are the ideal seasons to change your plant's pot. In this way the latter is given the opportunity to grow strong and luxuriant. Unglazed clay pots are preferred, because they avoid “suffering” too much change in temperature.