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Have you ever thought about putting beer in your coffee?  What happens

Have you ever thought about putting beer in your coffee? What happens

Experimentation in the kitchen often gives life to unexpected drinks or dishes. Sometimes they turn out to be real failures, other times they turn out to be real successes. Today the pairing may seem silly, but something unexpected happens when you pour beer into coffee.

Beer in coffee

You’re probably thinking it’s crazy, well it may seem so, but if you love it Beer and coffee Why don’t you try. But where did the idea of ​​making this drink come from? The idea comes from Francesco Silicato, blogger Beer lover. The blogger is keen to point out that no, it’s not a post-alcohol thought, the kind that comes to mind because you’re confused. On the contrary, the idea came to his mind because he wanted to try something different and try to create a new drink, and maybe a new breakfast trend.

Unusual drink –

The idea was to combine two opposing flavors to create a perfect union. So why not join one A bitter but aromatic drink Like coffee, all at once A fresh and lively drink Like beer? The blogger jokes:

Life is all about experiences, and you never know when you might stumble upon your next favorite drink.

This is precisely what prompted the beer-loving blogger to try a combination of these two flavors to recreate a unique drink.

Interesting smell and taste

Did things go smoothly? Did the idea seem right right away? Well, no, as the coffee gradually filled the room with it fragrance and scent, Something in the blogger’s mind said this wasn’t the right idea. But the opportunity to create something unique was stronger, and at worst, it would have been a photo to send to friends for a laugh. After all, we’re always trying to make something that can go viral, for better or worse, whether it’s a success or a failure.

Pour in coffee

Pour coffee, wine and

So he finally did so, combining the two drinks and immediately accessing his sense of smell through a combination of Aroma of hops and Arabica blend Of coffee. The flavor wasn’t bad, perhaps almost enticing, so why not sip it? The bitterness and freshness of the beer, combined with the strength of the coffee, create a combination that can confuse the taste buds, but from the second sip it creates a real dance of flavors.


However, be careful not to try to use beer instead of water in your coffee machine kettle as it could spell disaster. The carbon dioxide in it when pressurized by the machine can create a real explosion like cooking experience.

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In conclusion Add beer to coffee Was he crazy? Maybe yes, maybe no, but like any experience it deserves respect. After all, it is because of such experiments that great culinary successes and famous cocktails were created.