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Pensions here is who can access the monkey waiting for the extension of the audience

Pensions here is who can access the monkey waiting for the extension of the audience

Unemployed people are no longer ‘covered’ by income support tools after dismissal, disabled civilians whose ability to work has been reduced by at least 74%, ‘family caregivers’ in certain circumstances and employees included in a ‘checklist’ list of 15 activities deemed particularly strenuous special or dangerous. This is currently the Social Monkey Basin, a so-called pension provider that allows large early retirement with at least 63 years of age, pending a potential expansion of the public, perhaps in effect with the next budget law with the last options out expected as of 2022 for “management” After the 100 quota, also on the basis of the expected indicators of the ongoing confrontation between the government and the trade unions.

The last extension ends on December 31

Monkey is a fully state-paid compensation, paid by INPS, which went into effect on May 1, 2017 in beta form with an original expiration date set at the end of 2018. Several extensions followed. The latest in this series is until December 31 of this year, according to the budget law approved by Parliament in December 2020.


Who is entitled to social monkey

Employees of the public and private sectors, self-employed workers or “subordinates” registered in the separate administration of a public social security institution who belong to specific categories or are present in certain conditions.

Access to social Ape, without any burden on the worker, is guaranteed first of all to the involuntary (dismissed) unemployed who have fully exhausted unemployment or mobility benefits for at least 3 months and have at least 30 years of contributions. The same tool can be used by those who have been helping a spouse or first-degree relative living with a disability in a serious situation for at least 6 months and also a second-degree relative, or similar, living together. A social monkey can also be ordered if the parents or spouse of a disabled person have reached the age of 70, also suffer from disabling illnesses, or have passed away. In these cases also, the subscription period is envisaged to be a minimum of 30 years.

The advance is also available to disabled civilians with a confirmed reduced ability to work by at least 74%, always with a 30-year “restriction” of contributions, and for employees, with at least 36 years of seniority, employed for at least 7 years in the past 10 years, or for At least 6 years in the last 7 years, in work activities considered strenuous or risky.