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How much love on the red carpet in Venice 79

How much love on the red carpet in Venice 79

Love was staged in Venice 79. There are many couples who walked the red carpet, among effusions and faint glances. naturally fashion They were admired, but what really made you dream was the romantic kisses in front of the flashes (the wedding show also survived). Other than cinematic fiction: reality trumps fiction, at least this time.

most romantic

Love in Venice 79: 8 red carpet dress Sophie Codegoni dress Allessandra Rich sandals YSL Alessandro Basciano 4
Alessandro Bacciano’s wedding proposal to Sophie Codegoni

It sounds like the perfect ending to a romantic comedy, but what happened on the red carpet at Venice #79 is just as true. Alessandro Bacciano He got on his knees and asked for his hand Sophie Codegonipresents her with a beautiful diamond ring (see over here). She said yes through tears, as in a perfect love story. The most romantic (and elegant too) they definitely are.

wife and husband

enezia79: 5 red carpet Federica Pellegrini Pinko Chanel Pochette Louboutin dress and Matteo Giunta sandals
Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta

Federica Pellegrini And the Matteo Giunta Return to Venice A week before the wedding. After the white dress, Divina switched to all-black for Congress Pinko While her husband was unofficial in the suit without a tie.
Francesca Para And the Claudio Santamaria They got married a few years ago now But their love is the love of the first day, as evidenced by the romantic kiss that never escapes the paparazzi.
hot Paulo Virtso And the Michaela Ramazzotti: On the red carpet, the director allows himself to be patten on the B side of his wife.

Love from … movie

Love in Venice 79: 3 evening Christina Marino by Giorgio Armani Bvlgari dress and Luca Argentero jewelry
Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino: Love is born in the group

Officially, they are one couple on the set, but the chemistry is undeniable Francesca Chelmy And the can yemen And the rumors about them didn’t take long to reignite. On the Venice red carpet, the 79 looked pretty close, even in style choices: It’s gorgeous in all-black Michael Kors And he looks great in a tuxedo Dolce & Gabbana.
They met while shooting a movie too Luca Argentero And the Christina MarinoBut there is no doubt that their love is true love. Both are very elegant in armani They smiled for the flashes, as the actress wore the baby bump from her second pregnancy for the first time.

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Influential Couples

Love in Venice 79:3 evening dress Cecilia Rodriguez Zuhair Murad Messika jewelry
Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser

Makes social hearts beat faster Cecilia Rodriguez And the Ignazio MoserAnd, even on the red carpet for Venice 79, it does not disappoint expectations. His, flawless suit Tom Fordembracing his partner, seductive in white Zuhair Murad: They look like a newly perfect couple, and fans soon dream of seeing them at the altar.
They are not less Natalia Paragoni And the Andrea Zelita who allowed themselves to be dazzled by a moment of passion, giving a hot kiss on their flashes.

The passionate kisses of the godmother conclude this romantic version of the film festival Rossio Munoz Morales for his partner Raul Bova. Find it in the gallery…

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