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How Much Does Naughty Dog Cost?


The Last Of Us Part 2 was one of the video game products with the greatest visual and emotional impact for the last generation of consoles, as well as one of the video games that received the most positive response to critics and audiences – a result also attested by the latter. Score the game prize for The Last of Us 2.

A product of this size in the era we find ourselves in always requires one Significant allocation of funds To be dedicated to the different stages of the realization of the game: concept, script, development, perception of the actor’s performance in motion capture, dubbing, and finally, a global marketing campaign, such as the one that characterized the months before publication The last part of us 2. The latest masterpiece made by the guys at Naughty Dog is a product that excels in each of the above categories, with actors able to fully immerse themselves in their personalities, an amazing graphic component never before seen on a console of the previous generation (and most often a part of the cases, neither Even on a gaming PC) and dubbing for the quality of the rest of the game.

Of course, to achieve such a high quality of production Sony had to invest a lot of time and money into the projectThe development required is actually 7 years of total work, the years that have definitely increased the total cost of work. Although so far no official data has been released about the budget that the Japanese giant made available to achieve what was likely more exclusive to the last generation, it is possible to make a rough estimate based on Time spent on development, The Number of people involved And the final quality of the product f Technologies used.

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So let’s start with the number of people involved in the project: Several times in the past there was talk of the fact that the developers and technicians working on the second part of The Last Of Us were More than 2000, Divided between Naughty Dog, the main studio, and 13 different high school studies He called for cooperation to reduce timing and speed up the process. Using some interviews and end-game credits, we can now announce that the total number of people who worked and contributed to the development of The Last Of Us Part 2 is Just over 2,300Of them, about 2,200 developers and 150 were among actors and voice actors: an impressive number, which has certainly contributed to a significant increase in development costs.

Then it is necessary to consider how many years the development has lasted, which as mentioned earlier amounts to a good level 7 yearsAnd the final quality of the product is very high from every artistic and representational point of view. Based on information from budgets allocated to other products of the last generation, it is possible to make a final estimate of how much the second part of The Last Of Us will cost. Considering for example that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain cost about $ 80 million over a 3-4 year production cycle and with far fewer people involved, it’s easy to guess that a project like The Last Of Us Part 2 May require With a budget of about 100 million, Which is a huge sum for a game that is not open to the world but is sure to be repaid in a big way thanks to the extraordinary comments from the audience that the game has gotten.

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The attempt, however, pays off consideration How much was The Last Of Us 2 soldOne of the most popular and popular games in recent years.


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