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Horror in the Big Brother Kitchen: One Trash After Another |  “Letizia cleans us with a dishwashing sponge…”

Horror in the Big Brother Kitchen: One Trash After Another | “Letizia cleans us with a dishwashing sponge…”

The latest 'Big Brother' clips from the House of Representatives spark a chorus of protests: Sanitary conditions of the kitchen freeze the web.

Big Brother contestants have been living for months under the analytical, and sometimes harsh, eye of the system. Channel 5 camerasAnd all of their positions are regularly dissected by viewers.

In fact, the public has the right to follow their exploits via digital terrestrial channel 55, as well as on the Mediaset Infinity platform.

In the last hours Chef Rosie Chen And her friend Letizia Beatris They made somewhat questionable gestures while preparing meals for the actors, and even a well-known influencer spoke out about the absence… Most basic hygiene measures.

This episode went viral within a few hours, and thousands of users attacked the two families: Let's see what happened in the Cinecittà loft.

'Big Brother': The false moves of Rosie Chen and Letizia Beatrice

In the last few hours Chef Rosie Chen She showed off – as usual – her skills in the kitchen, and tried to prepare some prawns to feed the reality TV crew. But suddenly, A crustacean slipped from her hand And he fell to the ground.

Then Federico Massaro, who witnessed the scene, commented casually: “Put that to me!But Rosie Chen replied: “But no, it happens to anyone“, picked it up from the floor, then randomly placed it on one of the plates ready to be delivered. The chef, who is also a proud restaurant owner, immediately ended up in the eyes of the internet. One user among many actually hinted: “Since she's doing it in front of the cameras, not to mention in her kitchen… you can see that this is all natural to her“. And another uploaded: “But I wonder, knowing that he's under hundreds of cameras, how could he do something like that?90's load has finally arrived from influencer Deianira Marzano, who noted in an Instagram story the The finger of blame is also against Letizia Beatris.

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Screenshot by Deianira Marzano – (Instagram source)

Letizia Beatrice in the storm: “I'm really amazed”

The influencer posted on her Instagram story a picture showing Rosie Chen from behind while she was grilling in the “Big Brother” kitchen, and commented: “This is the one who throws boiling oil into the sink… “.

Then he added more:Leaving aside the shrimp pulled from the ground, or Letizia cleaning the soles of her shoes with a dishwashing sponge. But I'm really amazed“.