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It's over between Valeria Marini and Girolamo Cangiano: “I'm single”

It's over between Valeria Marini and Girolamo Cangiano: “I'm single”

Last summer, they were photographers at the seaside sharing a passionate kiss, but now rumors of a crisis have been circulating for several days. Showgirl Valeria Marini E Vicar of the Brotherhood of Italy, Girolamo CangianOr they won't be together anymore. Diva and Donna are launched The story of the courtship that blossomed in Ponza, complete with a boat trip accompanied by friends. The report became public knowledge After Valeria's story with Eddie Siniscalchi ended, And some other flirtations attributed to her.

The end of Valeria Marini's story

It seems that everything is official: Valeria Marini and Girolamo Cangiano have broken up after months of passion. It was the deputy Fratelli d'Italia who reported the incident and made the announcement over the microphones of Striscia la Notizia. The reasons that led to the separation are not known, but more than one person confirms this But love has given way to a wonderful friendship. Fratelli d'Italia's deputy Girolamo Cangiano announced the end of the story with Valeria Marini to the Striscia la Notizia correspondent Enrico Lucci. In fact, the MP was intercepted by a journalist who was filming a report on the spread of right-wing cultural hegemony, starting with the introduction of the MPs into the hall. A new book by actor Gabriel Jarko. The event was organized by Cangiano himself. During the interview, Representative Dr Indeed, he declared that he is single: “I am a single person.” In fact, Girolamo announced over the microphones the satirical news, admitting that he was no longer romantically involved. What if things aren't exactly like that? In fact, it seems that the representative is already looking forward without caring about what happened.

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His alleged flirtation

The news is surprising, but not particularly so, given that last week, after about 6 months of relationship with Marini, The MP was related to Denny Mendes, the former Miss Italy Of Dominican origins. His staff has neither confirmed nor denied the possible romantic connection. So we just have to wait for confirmation or rejection By those directly concerned. Novella2000 reports that some claim the MP would have found a true friend in the model, but many others believe friendship had nothing to do with their relationship. It is not known under what circumstances the two metTherefore, it becomes difficult to make assumptions and expectations about the current situation and the future of the couple.