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Jimbei, after 5 weeks is back on the curve, in 7 days + 1.5% - Health

Jimbei, after 5 weeks is back on the curve, in 7 days + 1.5% – Health

After 5 weeks the Covid infection curve reverses: +1.5% in 7 days. Faced with this gear change Hospitalizations in the medical field (-16.1%) and in intensive care (-16.4%) are declining; Mortality also decreased (-19.3%). This is the main data for the independent monitoring of Jimbei Foundation For the week of March 2-8. In particular – says Gimpei – there was an increase in new cases (+4,179) despite the decrease in tampons (-8.8%). Deaths are still decreasing: 1,201 in the past seven days (95 in previous periods), 172 per day versus 213 in the previous week. In intensive care – 116, and in the ward – 1680 cases.

After five weeks, the President of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartapelota, explains that “the decline in new weekly cases stops, although the number of tampons decreased by 8.8% compared to the previous week, and new cases amounted to about 279 thousand, with an increase of 1.5% and a moving average For 7 days, it rises from 39,339 cases on March 1 to 39,936 cases on March 8 (+5.8%). In absolute terms, the new cases in the period under consideration are 279,555 versus 275,376 in the previous week.

The positive is currently 1,011,521people in home isolation 1,002,153 (versus 1,062,066 previously), hospitalization with symptoms (8,776 vs 10,456) and intensive care (592 vs 708).

The number of tampons decreases even more From 2885324 in the week of February 23, 2022 – March 1, 2022 to 2632634 in the week of March 2-8, 2022 (-8.8%). In particular, the rapid buffer solutions decreased by 8.1% (-174.500) and the molecular by 10.7% (-78.190). The 7-day moving average for the positivity rate for molecular buffers increases from 9.2% to 9.5%, while that for rapid antigenic agents increases from 9.7% to 11.2%.

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It would be sheer foolishness to consider foregoing the use of masks indoors no matter how long the emergency has ended.This was stated by the President of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartapillotta, commenting on the new independent weekly report on the trend of Covid in Italy, and stressed that “the spread of the virus remains very high: almost 40 thousand new cases per day, more than a million positives and a positive rate of swabs by 11.4%.” And it would take 7 to 10 days, he says, “to understand whether the rising curve of new cases is a simple recovery or the beginning of a wave.” It is likely that the recent increase in new cases is due to the interaction of various factors: the relaxation of the population, the spread of the more contagious variant. Omicron BA.2, persistence of low temperatures forcing indoor activities, and likely reduction in protection against infection a few months after booster dose,” Cartapilota reported on the vaccination front, considering that a large segment of the population is susceptible to infection. “The initial course will be administered to about 4.67 million people and the booster dose will be up to 2.8 million, particularly for those over 50s who are at high risk of serious disease.”