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Load and unload it correctly

Load and unload it correctly

It may seem like a small detail, but in reality, charging your smartphone battery the right way is an aspect that needs to be widely taken into consideration. Let's find out what mistakes you should avoid to ensure that your device always performs well and thus does not damage the battery.

When purchasing a new smartphone, one of the most important aspects to consider is Battery autonomy. In fact, it becomes very important to know all the technical data and parameters of the battery, in order to understand the level of autonomy of the device you are about to purchase.

Compared to a few years ago, most devices — even the most technologically advanced ones — allow you to get through the day on a single charge cycle. So, a lot will depend on the actual use you make of your device. If you use it a little, a full charge can last more than 24 or 36 hours.

On the other hand, those who constantly use their phones to surf the Internet, download apps, work, play, manage email, and much more, will “use” more and the battery will run out sooner.

Another aspect to consider is related to the “life” of the smartphone. A newly purchased device will have a new battery and better performance compared to a model that has already been active and in use for several years. As with all things, the efficiency of a smartphone battery will also be linked to usage and wear.

In the following lines we will find out Mistakes you should avoid when charging your phone. If you follow these tips, you will maintain your battery's performance.

Never make these mistakes with your smartphone battery

All modern smartphones are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries Nickel and cadmium are no longer what they were in the past. Therefore, these batteries are no longer affected by the memory effect as in the past and can be recharged even when they are not completely discharged. Furthermore, it cannot necessarily be charged up to 100%.

How to make your smartphone battery last longer: steps to avoid making mistakes (

It may seem strange to you, but allowing your smartphone battery to drain to the end, and vice versa, recharging it to 100% It is harmful to the device and the battery life cycle. To ensure good battery life for the phone, even over the years, this will be essential Avoid these two mistakes.

What to do when charging

The right step to take would be to keep your device's charge level included at all times Between 20% and 80%Thus, avoiding full charging or the phone reaching a level close to zero. This step will greatly benefit the smartphone and increase the battery life cycle.

Moreover, leaving the phone fully charged for several hours is another step that should be completely avoided. Therefore the advice is this Never recharge the device at night. In fact, overheating of the battery will damage this item in the long run.

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