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Here is the new money from the state

The Ministry of Economic Development has presented a new plan to finance the tenders Brevetti +, Marchi + and Disegni +, with special attention to small and medium-sized enterprises. These categories will in fact have access to contributions with additional benefits. Let’s see the details of the story together.

MISE i . published Calls for 46 million euros for patents + trademarks + graphics + measures: These tenders will provide amounts of special privileges to companies that fall under the category of small and medium enterprises. The interventions are part of the Strategic Plan 2021-2023 on industrial property and the course of action of the National Disaster Reduction Programme, which consists of patents Technological innovations and the Promote brands and designs.

Brands, Designs, Patents +: What’s It All About?

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Let’s see what specific calls which the government will use to make €46 million of funds available to companies for trademarks and patents. These interventions fall within the framework envisaged by the Strategic Plan on Industrial Property For three years 2021-2023 It was approved by the Minister of Economic Development in June 2021.

The main goal is to favor patents Technological innovations offered by Italian SMEs They have brought and will carry through the years. Indeed, it is no coincidence that this category of companies is the beating heart of the Italian economy.

State Funds: Which Companies Qualify?

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Now let’s see which companies are entitled to the government-provided funds with the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. The three calls are directed to Italian Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises. To re-enter the loan, it must have its legal and operational headquarters in Italian territory.

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Each call has a specific goal related to detail: the company’s patents, the deposition of brands and designs that companies use to define themselves in the marketplace.