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Europe, historic heat wave imminent; In the next few days the effects will also be in Italy »

Weather: Europe, impending historic heat wave; Italy will also be affected in the coming days

Anomalous climate conditions expected in the old continent are a clear indication of climate change

Irregular phase in Europe, with warmer temperaturesSummer 2022 is the hottest on record Burning temperature And registration, not only in Italy. In Next days An unprecedented heat wave will hit most of the old continent and its effects will be felt in our country.

Let’s start with an obligation Climate complex. It’s not just normal heat for the season, but actual outbreaks (dangerous to health and the environment) that are more intense and frequent. Climate changes As amply demonstrated by the scientific community, progress is being made.
Already from May There are periods with temperature Broadly above average period and month June Recently it was the second hottest in history, following the infamous 2003.

The weather may worsen in the coming days badly In this sense. The reason for all this is to be found in a certain synoptic structure at the continental level:African resistance It strengthens further in western Europe, between France and the Iberian Peninsula, attracting warm masses of subtropical air directly from the Sahara desert.
By the end of the week It also reaches the British Isles and Germany (plus the entire heart of the Old Continent) causing temperatures that are typical of North Africa. We are talking about an anomaly of about + 14/15 ° C (as the map shows) compared to what is expected in these weeks of July.
So the heat will intensify again, after some rest, which can be dealt with internally. 45 °C in the south Spain, with peaks up to 46/47 °C. Then, between the end of the weekend and early next week, the resistance will move its axis further northeast. London Maximum expectations are expected above 30 ° C, as well as a Paris Then inside Germany. In short, no one is excluded.

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And inside Italy What should we expect? Our country will initially be on the edge of a warm air bubble, which will be on the eastern edge of the African anticyclonic promontory. from WeekendHowever, the warm North African currents can reach almost all the western parts of our country, the temperature is destined to increase further: possibility Peak up to 38/40°C On that day Piedmont, Lombardy, Western Emilia, Sardinia And on Inland regions of the Central Tyrrhenian regions.

Historic heat wave in EuropeHistoric heat wave in Europe