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He was 100% disabled, but he drove and went to the gym: one man reported this

He was 100% disabled, but he drove and went to the gym: one man reported this

For two years he managed to pretend that he was 100% disabled, and obtained a declaration of permanent incapacity for work and the right to receive financial support benefits. But the man, as confirmed by the Financial Police of the Regional Command of Chieti, was in very good shape: he seized the medical certificates of a family member, already suffering from disabling diseases, changing the name on the documents. Now, he must answer for aggravated fraud and material lies and return more than 16 thousand euros he received from INPS.

The fraud was discovered by the police, after being alerted to a citizen’s report on Public Utilities No. 117. According to what the prefectural leadership reported, the person who made the call narrated how the defendant was, in fact, unfit, despite receiving a civil disability pension report due to serious mental illness. He lived a completely normal life, including recreation at the gym and trips by his own car.

At that point, the investigation began: the funders discovered, also through surveillance and photographic surveys, how the person who had been reported as falsely disabled had managed to obtain a certificate.

According to what was reconstructed during the investigations, the man had seized his relative’s medical documents, entered his name, and thus was able to mislead the members of the medical committee who later admitted that he was 100% disabled.

The financiers also obtained health certificates issued by public structures, which later turned out to be completely false, as they indicated medical visits that were never carried out.

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Therefore, Teatro Yellow Flames reported the illegally received amount to INPS, to stop the disbursement and initiate a recovery of more than 16 thousand euros.

Now, the judicial authority has issued a notice of the end of investigations against the man, pending investigation for the crime of gross deception against the supplier and financial lying.

“The operation – commented the Regional Financial Police Commander, Colonel Michel Iaddarola, in a memorandum – testifies to the interest shown by the citizen towards the Financial Police and the sense of economic and financial legitimacy that it instills. Specifically, in the fight against fraud in the social welfare sector, effective support to the most vulnerable sectors was ensured. of the population, and avoid wasting resources on behalf of unqualified individuals.”