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We received a message sent by a laser beam from a distance of 16 million kilometers.  video

We received a message sent by a laser beam from a distance of 16 million kilometers. video

NASA has just shown us that this technology will soon help us communicate with other intelligent life forms.

NASA has just proven that this technology can help connect the entire galaxyMessages are transmitted via laser at a distance of approximately 16 million kilometers. This is about 40 times the Moon-Earth path, and is the first time optical communications have been transmitted over this distance. Traditionally, we use radio waves to communicate with spacecraft, but higher light frequencies, such as near-infrared, provide increased bandwidth and therefore a huge increase in data speed. If in the future we can send high-definition video messages To and from Mars Without much delay, this is the technology we need. Testing is part of the experience Optical communications in deep space (DSOC) of NASA and the first results are hopeful.

Cosmic network

being Infrared lightEngineers can easily transmit its waves In laser form. This does not make the light move faster, but it rearranges its beam and restricts it into a narrower channel. They require much less energy than scattered radio waves and are more difficult to intercept. This does not mean that it is a simple task. Data bits are encoded in photons emitted by the laser, which requires a series of precise instruments – including highly efficient superconducting detectors – to prepare the information for transmission and translation at the other end.

Terrestrial radio laser beam

Lasers and infrared, a challenge to be overcome

Another challenge is making the system adapt to real-time location settings. In this latest test, laser photons took about 50 seconds to get from the spacecraft to the telescope, all while moving through space. The laser transceiver that made the connection is on board the Psyche probe, headed toward the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. He made contacts with the Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory in California. Psyche is scheduled to fly around Mars. Testing will continue to be conducted to improve and improve this innovative method of laser communication. The goal is to make sure it is as fast and reliable as it should be.

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