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"He needs a good doctor"

“He needs a good doctor”

Fedes and John Bill? “In my opinion this man needs a good doctor”. This was stated by Lego President Matteo Salvini while speaking at a gazebo during a referendum on justice in Tenzinzo. “The league’s idea is very clear: I – Karosio’s leader – I am for freedom. Freedom of education, freedom of treatment, freedom of association, freedom of anyone. So they do not care. , Whenever he wants to respect his neighbor.For me, the government should not enter the bedroom of the people.I totally agree with those who hurt, attack and insult.

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“I told my friends on the left: we will remove children from schools and gender theory from that law because the education of children is up to the mothers and fathers,” Salvini underscores.

Then Jab: “On my Instagram page – which underscores the paradox of Salvini – this week I put these twenty seconds of the highest discussion between John and Fedes. If it’s boys and girls, you have to help them transgender. Eight-year-old boys. In my opinion, Iya needs a good doctor. “

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