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"I won't vote as long as Letta is there".  'Friendly fire' falls on PD

“Florentine with Private Jets”, “Back to Paris”. This is a fight between Leta and Renziani

Another long distance conflict between Enrico Letta and Renzis. These are apparently two worlds that, after the failure of the broad field dream, have by no means had a common path. At least with these nodes. Because the secretary Democratic Party And Matteo Renzi has done nothing but fight, dig and lash out at each other because of personal frictions from the as yet undigested past.

Leta’s Attack

Read In the last few days of the election campaign, he decided to attack the former mayor of Florence head-on. Speaking during an election campaign in Livorno, the Democratic Party’s number one responded to his ill-fated electric bus jibe and brought up Renzi without directly referring to him: “A Pisan on an electric bus is better than a Florentine on a private jet on the campaign trail.“.

Boniface’s reply

Leta’s jab was met with vexation by the galaxy Viva Italy, he immediately wanted to respond to the Democratic secretary’s statements. The senator did just that Francesco Bonifaciwho accused Leta of “Obsessed with personal hatred“. Bonifazi entrusted his own profile Twitter His reply: “At Livorno he attacks Renzi and the Florentines. This is now a special case. At Pisa he attacks the leghorns. At Livorno by the Florentines. Fortunately he returns to Paris next week“.

Renzi’s lungi

In fact, it comes from sources in Italia Viva that immediately after the vote, Enrico Letta could meditate. Resignation. A step back could be the result of a hypothetical Democratic electoral defeat. Same now Matteo Renzi He didn’t think twice and railed against his political opponent: “Democrats are with us or 5 stars. Tell us what they want to do. Not going home so late next week…“.

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The president of Italia Viva finally rejected to the dispatcher the accusation that Carlo Calenda and Giuseppe Conte wanted to destroy the Democratic Party: “No dear Enrico, do everything yourself. You proposed to increase Taxes, a madcap. We have higher taxes than the European average. They didn’t change their mind, now they can change their name to M5S… I am their commoner“.