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Checks for visitors to ports and airports.  The first campus was closed

Checks for visitors to ports and airports. The first campus was closed

Restrictions are back Govt At ports and airports Sardinia. Regional President Christian Solinas will sign the regional ordinance, which will restrict strict restrictions on travelers to the island’s ports and airports. “At this time we are re-establishing restrictions on arrivals from countries with the highest incidence rates of the delta variant of the virus, “explained the regional leader.”».

Covid Sardinia, most endangered areas

I go upstairs Infection In Sardinia Start closing the campus first. Yesterday alone 140 new positive cases were detected Govt. The biggest increase in positives was in Sazari (+25) Cochlear (+22), followed by Oristano (+6) and finally Nuro (+4). During the week of July 9 to 15, there were 24 epidemics on the most popular island during the holidays: and the risks of entering it Yellow Zone With Sicily and Veneto. And the spread of the virus in various business activities in the region led to the prevention of parties and entertainment.

Delta variation in Greece, canceled beach parties and concerts: Rise of epidemics

They cover the campus

Two campuses have been closed in Algiers. Govt has also overtaken Sardinia Delta variant, Which is very contagious. Today from today until the date of the decision Bahia Beach Club This will be closed as a precautionary measure due to contact between a member of our staff and a person who tested positive for Govt-19 for, the news spread through social media in the north of the island. This is an important decision – go ahead Bahia Manager and Staff –Balancing responsibility and fun has always been our priority. We will update you in the coming days on the date of re-opening.

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Kovid was forced to lower the shutters at another restaurant in Algiers. This method is not a precaution, but because an employee has tested positive. “Dear Customers, In order to protect your health and our staff, we are compelled to make a temporary closure as a precaution following the presence of one of our staff who tested positive for Govt 19 – Restaurant-Pizzeria’s Social Post Les Arines – Organizer of Health Organizations through Regular Information Channels We look forward to announcing the resumption immediately. “

Delta variation in France, more than 10,000 cases in one day: double compared to a week ago

Infections Sardinia, 202 percent growth

During the week from July 7 to 13, the incidence of epidemics in Sardinia was 202.7 percent higher than the previous year, reaching 22 percent. A decline next to Molise, which records 271 percent. Surveillance shows an increase in the number of positive cases per 100,000 citizens now, from 143 to 159 in the previous period. The only positive data comes from hospitals: beds in the medical area below the enrichment threshold (although beds with cov patients go up to 2 to 3%) and intensive care, always 0% (only one patient is admitted to the hospital the whole island).

Covit Italy, July 16 Bulletin: 2,898 infections (+443) and 11 deaths. 1.4% positive rate

Locked countries

Stop any entertainment in bars, pubs, public entertainment areas and outdoor areas. There is Emergency in Serendipity, home to more than 4,000 people, in the Media Campidano area, forty kilometers from Cochlear. The number of positives increased to 21 units and the number of isolated individuals to 211. Prompted the mayor to issue an order imposing “suspension of all cultural, musical, entertainment and sporting events until the new order.” Bars, restaurants and parks will be closed from 11pm to 5am the next day.

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Rebellion against the green pass on campus

Hypothesis of Green Boss Not wanting to access restaurants, clubs and all indoor spaces. Not even in Sardinia. The Sardinian uprising against the fear of being barred from entering restaurants, swimming pools and other public places without green certification begins in the small town of Kurkuris in the Oristano region at the foot of Mount Archie. Jonata Conceda, 32, has posted a poster at the entrance to her bar-restaurant-pizzeria. Very clear and direct text. We did not ask you to enter the Green Pass here.

Vaccines, 60% with a single dose

According to the Italian average, Sardinia is preparing to cross the 60% limit of the population vaccinated with at least one dose: a total of 1,623,850 doses were administered on the island, 92.5% of the 1,754,622 issued by the Commissioner. Currently 945,846 residents have been given the first vaccine or single dose, while the second dose has been given to 663,559 Sardinians. Administrations were 16,947 yesterday, of which 12,244 were reminders and 4,703 were first levels. But what is worrying is the increase in infections (yesterday 140 advanced forward compared to the last few days) and the spread of delta variation. Admissions are also on the rise, however, Binaki Hospital in Cochlear is already considering reopening a Govt ward on another site of the structure to accommodate any other patients. “Currently, 49 people have been hospitalized for covit-19 in Sardinia, all of them in Pinaki in Cagliari, 45 of them in hospital wards and 4 in intensive care,” said Ansa, the medical director of the hospital in the Sardinian capital, Sergio Marrasini. , However, one elderly person with cancer, he responded poorly to the vaccine.The other two, on the other hand, are not in a bad condition.We have another 5 with the first dose of various vaccines which shows that the first dose can be masked, but not in a certain way, and two to protect It is clear that the dose is needed. According to Marasini, the condition is slowly developing and we will have to wait until the end of the month to see all the effects of re-opening to return to normal life, which can be expected to cause some complications despite vaccinations. Tum. We hope to convince even those who do not want to be vaccinated, because the real problem is this: many who do not want to be vaccinated give 100,000 reasons.

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