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He is on the faculty of the Nobel Prize

He is on the faculty of the Nobel Prize

Pordenone – “Never set limits and learn what you want.” Important advice from the Pordenone region Guido da RePassionate about physics, he wants to give everyone who approaches the world of school and university. An important path for Guido who today, at only twenty-five years old, keeps him busy in the United States obtaining a research doctorate in California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, a stone’s throw from Los Angeles, is one of the most prestigious universities in the American state.


After receiving the scholarship, he moved a month ago, on September 7, to the California campus that would be his home for the next six years. Passionate about physics from a young age, he obtained his Diploma at Liceo Grigoletti, then graduated with the highest grades in his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Trieste. “I remember that since my early school years I was passionate about science,” Guido commented. “After finishing my homework, I would always try to find time in the afternoon to read science books. Moreover, with my parents, who understood this passion of mine, I often went to events and open days on this topic.

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Today, therefore, he has the opportunity to devote himself to what he loves most, in a comfortable and stimulating university environment. “The American campus is completely different from Italian universities – continued the doctoral student – here it is possible not only to devote oneself to study, but also to carry out sporting activities. Moreover, living there is really exciting, by walking through the corridors you can meet your peers from the best universities in the world, but above all to follow the lessons of Nobel Prize-winning physics professors, such as Professor Emeritus Kip Thorne, a scientist in physics. A leading expert on black holes and scientific advisor to Christopher Nolan.
The research project in which Guido is involved concerns the theoretical study of gravitational waves, a topic he focuses on during his days spent studying and practicing calisthenics, which is free-body gymnastics that allows you to improve strength and coordination. “When I have free moments, I like to devote myself to sports, which is a great passion for me, but also to visit these new and amazing places for me. I also want to continue developing my passion for landscape and star photography, and this is where I believe I will truly be able to express myself to the best of my ability.

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During his years in Pordenone, he played different types of sports including tennis at a competitive level at the Pordenone Tennis Club. He also devoted himself to skiing and continued his passion for mountains and mountaineering. Between 2008 and 2018 this allowed him to climb several peaks in the Dolomites and three peaks over 4,000 meters in the Monte Rosa massif. As the young man recalls, CAI was important for his mountaineering training, allowing him not only to venture into the mountains safely, but also to learn how to live and respect them. He sees in his future studying and teaching, perhaps in the United States. “In this place, it is possible to express oneself to the fullest, study what one likes, but also have a good time with friends. He continued: I truly advise anyone to pursue their dreams and commit to achieving them. Of course, there can be obstacles in life and I think achieving a result after overcoming them is much more satisfying.” Caltech currently has 400 students from different faculties and nationalities, of whom 52 are in the first year of physics and mathematics. The institute works and cooperates with the Propulsion Laboratory NASA’s Nearby Jet.