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To lose more weight, you need to sleep better, science also says

To lose more weight, you need to sleep better, science also says

In recent weeks, many people have decided to start a diet, but everything must find a balance in this… until the “sleep” phase.

After the Christmas holiday tour de force, it's officially that time of year when we're busy trying to get back in shape, and also preparing for summer so we're not unprepared for swimsuit testing.

While on a diet, nothing should be underestimated, the type of food we include in the menu, the time we devote to physical activity, and even less the “time” we spend sleeping… In a certain way we can say that the more we sleep, the greater our chance of… Lose weight easily.

Do you also need to sleep more to lose weight more easily?

As we also had the opportunity to clarify on the occasion of the publication of previous articles, to obtain tangible results from a diet based on the needs and goals to be achieved while losing kilograms, it is always advisable to ask for the support of a nutritionist. However, we can already make sure to correct some bad habits, as well as reschedule meal times and perhaps limit the portions of food we eat during the day.

In the list of habits to improve, without a doubt, we also find the quality of rest as well as the hours of sleep that we give our body in preparation for a new day. In fact, rest time has a significant impact on the weight loss process.

How many hours do we need to sleep to lose more weight?

Some scientific studies have shown a relationship between sleep and weight loss

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