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He earns 2 million a year, but forces his partner to pay the rent for the house

He earns 2 million a year, but forces his partner to pay the rent for the house

BillionairBut in secret. even from wife. One woman mentioned that she discovered her husband’s bank account after 4 years of relationship. When she read the figure she was surprised, Because it contains six zeros. The woman met her current husband 4 years ago online. He was a college student while she was working full time as a medical technician. He was a hardworking, ambitious and purposeful person.

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“These are some of the qualities that attracted me,” he says on Reddit, “He’s an immigrant and I know his family’s financial difficulties.” “I was touched by what he did and wanted to support him in achieving his goals.” Soon after they started dating and they were married two years ago.

Lies about salary

He graduated and got a job at a technology company. She works from home while on site 12 hours a day. I asked him about his salary and he told me it was $60,000. I didn’t think about it much and just kept living. I was making only $20 an hour and had a lot of loans that I would normally pay off. A year later, he moved to a new city, and while she was struggling to find work, she stayed home for 3 months. After 3 months, the surprise: she discovers that he has a house in his name only. He never talked to me about his financial situation, he took out a $400,000 home loan with a $60,000 salary. I didn’t notice it, and since we got married, he’s been responsible for finances and taxes.”

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Terrible tax return

Then the woman decided to buy a house for her mother and sister. “I found the perfect home and my bank asked me for my tax return for the last 3 years.” She asks her husband to send it to her, but he insists that he wants to talk to the bank or he will handle the situation himself. “He was trying to convince me that his bank was better than mine, but I had already put the deal on hold and had no intention of giving up.” Finally, after a long discussion, he sent her the tax return. Her income from her tax return last year was 1.8 million euros and her income was 38,000.


“All this time he was arguing with me over petty cash. He bought a 2007 Toyota with my money and kept getting paid $500 a month. I don’t understand how he got so much money and why he tried to hide it from me. Since he found out, he told her his bank was empty and he spent all the money. “I feel lost and have so many questions.”

the answers

He is still very vague as to the source of the funds, but he does indicate that he owns an LLC (a specific US corporation form). But it was acquired or combined with another. “The important thing is that he agreed to finance 50% of the house I was going to buy for my mom and promised me a new G-cart, I know he would hate me for it, but I think communication works most of the time. . . I gave him the right energy and family atmosphere that he can do what he does. Being with him will only help him in the future.”

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