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He does it every day

He does it every day

Benedetta Parodi revealed the secret to her perfect body: she does it every day. Let’s see how the TV presenter keeps fit.

Benedita Parodi (Instagram screen)

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As “La Gazzetta dello Sport” reveals, let’s discover the secrets of fitness together Benedita Parodi. The TV presenter and journalist turned 50 in August, but he shows a truly enviable physical shape. As Rosea mentioned, one of her main perks is running which she also takes up during breaks from work. In fact, in the last few days he had a small mishap while in the States: “Because all Americans run faster than me, at one point I did an increase in intensity but the knee brace opened and my knee hurt really bad. Right now I can’t run or else I would be lame, I will do two exercises at home.”

So these days, she trains alone at home with specific exercises using certain “tools”: bottles of liquor! Arranging with items not particularly suitable for exercise, Parodi has found a way to do an exercise that is beneficial to keep fit.

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Benedita Parodi reveals the secret of her perfect body

Her online business is often among the posts and stories on Instagram, which is also why, she allows herself a few whims at the table. For years, she led the cooking program Bake Off Italia, a dessert program often considered the protagonist with diverse and always innovative recipes. Perhaps it is precisely with this closeness to sweets that he is constantly training to allow himself some extra food on the table: “Sometimes you ask me how I can’t get fat because of cooking so much… I try to run 4 km a day, and if it is done consistently, it keeps me fit. Note: My knees, however, are not happy!”

Sometimes he trains in the company no matter where: whether he is at home, during breaks from work or on vacation, he should never miss training and fitness, perhaps with music.

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We talked about the house and Benedetta is particularly equipped in this regard: she has a room with a treadmill, a boxing bag and other equipment that her husband Fabio Carissa also uses with great care.