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Listeria, salmonella, biohazards, what are we putting on the table? The list of summons goes on and on

The number of food recalls due to listeria, salmonella, and other contaminants is already high. It all started with sausage, then the situation worsened.

October has proven to be particularly difficult for consumers. Maximum attention should be given to the products that are presented on the table.


Health authorities checks identify more and more products at risk of contamination. The sausage problem polluted Listeria, which has also caused deaths in Italy. Unfortunately, in the case of contamination of food, it is always the most fragile people, with diseases or old age, who lose out. The Ministry of Health launches alerts as soon as the recall is reported but not all consumers are interested in the updates. but Numerous raffles The Ministry’s website must be checked on a daily basis so as not to miss a single danger indicator. Plus Listeria to inflict damage salmonella, ethylene oxide, shards of glass and plastic, Unreported allergens and biological non-compliance.

Listeria and other infections, the latest food recalls

As already mentioned, among the recalls in October there are packages of sausages of various brands including Wudi Aia. Drawn pieces are The number is 1785417 and the number is 1810919 With the manufacturer identification tag IT04MCE and the deadline for storage 20 September 2022 and 5 December 2022. Among the packages to be collected, we refer to Tobias by Eurospin, GoloSalchichiaand AV5 and Salumeo from LIDL.

The reason for the withdrawal of contamination from Listeria as well Salmon and mayonnaise sandwiches from Allegre Sabouri. The withdrawal batches are 22952 1 and 22952 2. Bacteria infected the pancakes too Crepier part number 256. The packages are six 150 grams with an expiration date October 11, 2022.

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And the list goes on…

for microbiological non-compliance Porchetta from Arixia Marketed by Supermercati Iperal SPA. The quantity to be checked and returned to the store is the number V233557 They are sold in packages of 90 grams with a preservation deadline of October 14, 2022. The manufacturer is Prosciuttificio San Michele Srl.

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danger from salmonella It was reported, however, to Organic Viviver Sesame Seeds Cooperat. Part Number is 138/22 Expires May 2023. Finally We point out the secret of the greens. Mandrake is wrong about spinachIt is a very serious defect as the plant causes hallucinations, mental disturbance, dry mouth and cardiovascular problems. The alert pertains to Il Gigante spinach bundles, Part number 273.