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Paradise Ladies 6 January 12, 2022

Paradise Ladies 6 January 12, 2022

Preview of Ladies’ Paradise 6 January 12 2022

episode Ladies Committee 6 On January 12, 2022 Available On Rai 1 at 15:55 When seen for the first time. Like all the episodes already broadcast on TV, you can find them in Ray Play after broadcast. Alternatively, you can still catch Episode 83 of Season 6 live on RaiPlay.

Find below de progress Ladies’ Heaven 6 From January 12, 2022!

Roberto Farnesi (Umberto Guarnieri) in a scene from episode 30 of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 83 Plot

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Veronica She is a very attentive mother and a housewife who never stays unemployed. By chance he found an old riding certificate. Based on Gemma. The daughter, in fact, cultivates this passion. Then give it up When the father died… It is no coincidence, in fact, that young Xanata was shocked at a riding event in Circolo. Marco He advises her to take back the reins (literally). But Veronica’s daughter begs him to stop because the painful memories come back to her.

For some time now vegan Feels close to Villa Guarnieri. It seems ridiculous considering it’s short. It is not the “physical” side that stresses but the emotional side. Advertise for Adelaide e Lamberto Who is about to leave the beautiful home of a family Ricardo and Marta.

Meanwhile to heaven no Vittorio he was born his staff They are still present on the scene. How to deal with the fact that Palmieri failed to meet the demands of the Americans? Will Vittorio have one of his great ideas?

At Casa Amato, the good news rejoices the people. TinaAfter she underwent the operation, she overcame it. The girl is fine.

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Once the bracelet StefaniaAnd Gloria makes the decision. I think it is appropriate to give it to Ezio. The latter, however, does not know how to act. It is best delivered to Stefania? killer. Veronica Unable to give you correct advice on this.