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Samuel Carniani Is Roberta Ellaria's Choice for Men and Women / "It's Strange..."

Samuel Carniani Is Roberta Ellaria’s Choice for Men and Women / “It’s Strange…”

The tale ends with Roberta Ellaria Giusti and Samuel Carniani For men and women. After several months of waiting and courting, it all ended with yes, lots of red petals and lots of kisses. At the end of the fateful moment, under the touching gaze of Roberta’s mother, Samuel let himself go, admitting that he had little hope of a choice after his last moments with her. “I still can’t believe it. It’s weird because after the last checkout, something changed for me. The fact that she told me I was always there for her, that I was always there, felt like a warning.Samuel said after kissing him and putting Roberta in his arms. Then Samuel told Luca: “Everyone would like to have a friend like Luca and I would also like to have a boyfriend”. Between the two, a tender hug occurs (updated by Stella Dependetto).

Roberta Ellaria Giusti chose Samuel Carniani for men and women

Samuel Carniani and the Chosen by Roberta Ellaria Giusti. And during the Men and Women episode that aired yesterday, tronista announced that it did not choose Luca Salatino The beginning of his long talk to Samuel. On the dating show episode that aired today, the final part of Roberta’s speech and the response of the suitor who, since arriving on the broadcast, has invaded Roberta, will be shown. As the latter said, it all started with the Samuele video show. Having seen it, in fact, the tronista had no doubts and immediately asked the editorial staff to identify him.

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The first meeting confirmed the excellent impression that Samuel made on her in the video. From that moment on, a path where everything was very linear began. The two met, told each other, and eventually chose each other. In today’s Men’s and Women’s episode, there will be a happy ending that Samuel was hoping for.

Roberta Ellaria Giusti’s letter to Samuel Carniani

“We haven’t had any major setbacks, it has been a huge escalation. There have been times when I’ve probably pushed forward more than I did, times when I staggered a little bit and questioned you. I asked myself so many questions, I wasn’t sure I was going to let myself go 110 percent, Because I was always looking for the trap before I fell in love with it. There were times when I took you for granted, and times when the difference in character between you and me was so out of sight that I backed off, and times when I didn’t understand you, and when I told myself I couldn’t Continue, because I didn’t know how to read to you”, He said Roberta He looks into the eyes of Samuel who, despite his doubts and fears, continued to believe in them.

There was only one moment when Roberta feared losing him: “Meanwhile you were there without going far. The only time I went away in silence, without doing a lot of scenes, made a huge noise. I understood that I was continually looking for a side of the coin that was there, but you stayed inside so that you wouldn’t make me sick and put no more meat on the fire.” tronista added. Today samuel yes and red petals.

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