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AlixPartners: “Post-pandemic tourism will be local”


How will they change Shopping habits after the pandemic? It started from this assumption AlixPartners, A leading global consulting firm specializing in creating value and improving performance in stages of the business cycle. One in two Italian consumers say they change permanently Their spending habits after the Covid-19 pandemic, but with Statistically significant differences between different consumption categories: 59% of Italians consider their eating habits “to have changed permanently” during the epidemic, while the percentage drops to 24% and 25%, respectively, for the purchase of beauty products and foodstuffs.

AlixPartners’ Consumer Priority Survey was conducted among 7,000 consumers in nine countries: China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. in the middle 48% of respondents from the nine countries claim that the epidemic has changed permanently Their purchasing behavior. This score ranges from 40% of consumers in Saudi Arabia to 60% of consumers in Japan. In China and the United States, the proportions are 44% and 43%, respectively.

As for Italy in particular, AlixPartners survey shows that i Consumers kept cutting spending During the epidemic, with a stable trend between summer 2020 and winter 2021, while in other European Union countries (Germany and France), a more pronounced decrease in purchases was observed last winter than in summer.

In line with other countries as well In Italy, the expenses most affected by the epidemic are travel and tourism (About -80% compared to the pre-Covid-19 period), Entertainment outside the home (About -75%), e Exercise equipment (About -62%). In the least affected product categories we find cosmetics and personal care, while food (about + 15%) and household products (+ 20%) have gained. The categories that recorded the biggest difference in spending cuts between summer and winter were consumer electronics and home entertainment.

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On the travel and vacation side, In all countries the trend Preference for local tourist destinations. In fact, 15% of Italians plan to book a hotel in their national territory – or in other European countries – (in line with other countries); The percentage goes up to 20% when it comes to booking flights (versus 11% of the international average).

On the one hand In the buying channel, Italy is showing less general trend of internet connectivity After the epidemic compared to other European Union countries. In particular, 29% of Italian respondents will increase their purchases in stores after the end of the epidemic crisis, compared to 27% of the international average. Likewise, the survey shows that In the coming months, Italians will tend to adjust their eating habits before Covid-19 More than other European countries: 38% plan to increase their presence in restaurants again, while internationally the figure stops at 27%.

Among the European countries, Italian consumers are most concerned about their financial situation (14% versus 9% in Germany, 8% in France, and 7% in the UK). On the other hand, Italians are the most confident about the effect of the vaccine: about 74% of Italian consumers are optimistic (the same for the UK), compared to 56% in France, 61% in Germany, and 58% in Switzerland. ..

It must be emphasized that Italian consumers have been the hardest hit from an eco-conscious standpoint since the beginning of the epidemic54% of respondents reported that they have increased their environmental concerns with the consequent impact on purchasing decisions, while in Germany the percentage drops to 33% and in France to 38%. This increased concern for the environment has affected purchasing decisions in many ways: for example, a preference for recyclable packaging, and an increase in purchases of used or locally produced products.

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“From a positive reading of the data, it appears Three main directions Future challenges for the retail, tourism, food and catering sectors will define: Sustainability, returning to the pre-Covid habits of restaurants, shops and local tourismHe commented Marco Ishelli, D of AlixPartners. “To ride these trends, restaurant chains need to quickly prepare to catch up with the looms Increase in volumes-Restart development strategies immediately to obtain “first mover” benefits.

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