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Have you seen the Italian Aston Martin before?  A real fireball, collectors are in ecstasy

Have you seen the Italian Aston Martin before? A real fireball, collectors are in ecstasy

Today we will tell you about a historic Aston Martin that has strong ties to our country, an absolute racing car with an absurd history.

It was announced during the last few hoursAston Martin It will not produce the model that many had hoped for. It is a mid-engined Vanquish, which has been discussed for some time. The car was anticipated through a concept a few years ago, but it was later said, only in recent days, that it would not be mass-produced by a brand spokesperson.

What a model Aston Martin ( –

Positive news related to the world of motorsport, Because in 2025 the Hypercar Vanquish will make its debut in the FIA ​​WEC, IMSA and 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is the extreme racing car created and designed by Adrian Newey At the time of the partnership between the British company and Red BullWhich was its sponsor in Formula 1 until the end of 2020.

In addition to, Aston Martin is now the protagonist in F1With the end of 2023 in fifth place in the Constructors’ Championship thanks to the many podium finishes it achieved Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard wants to aim high, even if the second part of the tournament has been disappointing. In the meantime, for those who love this brand, there is very positive news, since a unique model has ended up at auction, and it is also Italian in some respects.

Aston Martin, here is the DB2 designed by Bertone

trade mark Aston MartinAs we all know, she is British, and has never had good relations with Italy. But on the“A sexy model appeared, That is, the DB2/4 was designed by the Bertone auto body shopIt is one of the most famous of all, creating many home masterpieces Lamborghini And other brands.

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Aston Martin DB2
Aston Martin DB2 on display ( –

This is the only spec ever created, and it’s a true unit that sends vintage car enthusiasts into ecstasy. The DB2/4 first appeared, think about it, in 1952, over 70 years ago, It was one of the most luxurious cars at that timeand was a breakthrough towards the Gran Turismo sector, driven by an engine Lagonda 2.6 liter straight six, which he designed Wow Bentley.

At that time, the car had excellent performance, as its top speed reached 193 km/h. Aston Martin has created an absolute masterpiece, with Bertone giving it a more elegant design. For those interested, this gem will soon be on sale, even if, as you can imagine, the prices are nothing short of crazy, and very difficult for ordinary people to access.

After a long restoration, this car has been restored to its original splendor, and will compete in the 2024 Concorso di Eleganza Villa d’Este. It is now expected to be sold at auction in New York by RM Sotheby’s for between $1.2 and $1.6 million.. We are talking about exceptional figures that will surely attract the attention of the biggest collectors on the planet. We’ll tell you how the deal ends.