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Instagram update, the news is a disaster for privacy: block him immediately

Instagram update, the news is a disaster for privacy: block him immediately

Instagram’s latest update is not about user privacy. Here’s how to block news instantly.

Last barrel of the year too On Instagram. In recent days, the social network has presented an important innovation that users can already exploit permanently. If you go to someone else’s profile or page you follow and try this Click on the profile picture icon Located at the top left, you’ll notice that this It has been enlarged And expanded. Make it appear at the top of the screen.

Instagram update is harmful to privacy: Here is how to cancel the news –

A change that has inevitably not gone down well with many people, who see this tool as a tool Violating an individual’s privacy. Complaints started in various support forums and also on Reddit and X with dedicated threads. But you should know that fortunately it exists A way to block news immediately. If you don’t want others to zoom in on your profile picture, follow this quick guide and you’re done.

Instagram update, here’s how to block your news feed instantly

This is a new matter that was not welcomed positively by everyone, on the contrary. With another one Instagram update This makes it possible to enlarge other people’s personal photos, and the community complained that privacy would be greatly violated. If you don’t like this change either, we recommend following these quick steps To be able to deactivate the feature immediately.

The trick is to deactivate the latest innovation introduced by Instagram
By following these steps, updating Instagram will no longer be a problem –

First go to your profile by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the widget grid. Now open Settings located at the top right and then on the item Settings and privacy. Scroll down until you find Account Privacy. Open the section and disable the button Allow profile picture expansion”.

Nothing is simpler. This way, when someone else goes to your profile because they want to see the photo you set better, they won’t be able to do anything. By clicking on the circle Whoever falls at the top, nothing will happen.

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Just like it was before the update was released by Instagram developers. This way you will go to Protect your privacy more And you will be sure that the selected image will remain visible only in thumbnail. Without anyone being able to download it or take a screenshot to put it in the gallery and reuse it whenever and however they want.