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Harry Kane looks incredibly similar to a wanted man: fans are furious

Harry Kane looks incredibly similar to a wanted man: fans are furious

A snapshot published by the English Metropolitan Police sparked ridicule and hilarity on social media, because it strongly reminds us of Bayern Munich striker, Harry Kane. A crazy and disturbing resemblance.

In Germany and England, we do nothing but talk Harry Kane. The English international who moved in the summer from Tottenham to Bayern Monaco It ended up in a series of posts that became popular on social media from football fans who noticed the extraordinary resemblance between the player and the footballer. Identity of a wanted thief in the United Kingdom.

An alarming resemblance sparked ridicule and ridicule from many users who posted the photo of a man wanted in Great Britain who is practically identical in appearance to the Bayern Munich striker. And so, despite himself, Harry Kane went viral on social media, a victim Bild newspaper published the identity of a criminal on the loose For whom an arrest warrant was issued. The facial reconstruction was carried out by the MET, the Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom.

The wanted person was the perpetrator of a robbery of a woman in Richmond, west of London, a very wealthy neighborhood near the River Thames: through eyewitness testimony, the authorities created a classic snapshot of the criminal with realistic reproduction through computer graphics. But once you finish the drawing, and observe the face even at a quick first glance, For many there was an immediate resemblance to Harry Kane. By comparison, the resemblance is actually clear: from the shape of the head, the color of the hair and eyes, and even the goatee. Thus social satire arose immediately.

It is clear that there is nothing to be done in reality with Harry Kane who has become very popular in Germany in recent weeks for many other reasons, certainly more important and which confirm the idealistic intuition on the part of Bayern Munich. In his first year in Germany, the English striker dominated the entire scene in 11 Bundesliga matches, dominating the scoresheets at a rate that was nothing less than exceptional: 17 goals and 5 assists. So much so that he single-handedly scored almost double the attack of Cologne, Bayern’s next opponent, and still has 9 goals to his credit. Identity, yes, front page really.