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Guess the couple: their love overcomes every barrier and every limit and is stronger than hate


Are you a fan of love stories? If so, you will be able to recognize the couple hiding behind the photo we suggest.

How beautiful they are love stories? These stories are a very popular and common theme in the world of cinema, because they deal with universal emotions and can be the focus of many different plots. They reflect Human feelings, exploring the complexities of relationships It offers viewers a variety of romantic experiences, from tragic to intimate and happy. They can be of different types, we can talk about them Romantic, forbidden, long-distance, tragic, unrequited, complicated love. In any case, love often represents that force capable of overcoming all barriers.

Can you identify the couple hidden in the picture? – (

And I want to talk to you about this kind of love in this article. In fact, there is one movie in particular that, if you are a fan of love stories, you have surely seen at least once in your life. This couple’s love story really shows How strong can love be? And fight any differences and hatred. Look carefully at the picture and try to guess the characters of this couple and the movie in which they appear. In the meantime, while you look at the picture, I will try to give you some clues that might help you.

A love story that transcends hatred and differences

As you observe the image and try to understand who is hiding in it, I want to reveal some curiosities about this film.

  • The first clue I’ll give you is that this is a Disney animated movie.
  • This film is a romantic reworking of the film True story From the protagonist.
  • Some parts of the true story It has been modified For storytelling and entertainment purposes.
  • The story takes place in Colonial Virginiain the United States of America, During the seventeenth century.
  • The protagonist’s name is actually nickname, His real name was something else.
  • The protagonist is too President’s daughter Who ruled a confederation of Native American tribes in the Virginia area.
  • The movie happened Two Oscars: One for Best Original Song, and one for Best Original Score.
  • The protagonist in this film is the first Disney character based on a story A real historical figure.
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the solution

So, did you manage to guess which couple is hiding behind the photo? However, all of these clues should have told you about the Disney animated movie I was referring to. If not, I’ll leave you with the solution below.

Here's who the couple in the photo is
The couple hidden in the picture is the couple portrayed by Pocahontas and John Smith – (ph. Instagram @disney_lover.16) – (

Well, yes, I was actually talking to you Pocahontas! the FAnimated film produced by Disney in 1995 Which revolves around one of the most beautiful love stories ever. Not only because their story is about love, but above all because this film highlights Intercultural love themes, Subordinate Respect for nature And based on Understanding between different cultures.

At the beginning of the film, Pocahontas and John Smith try to do just that Overcoming cultural differences And linguistics to get to know each other better. Pocahontas teaches Smith about her tribe’s spirituality and connection to nature, while Smith shares his knowledge of England and his perspective on the world. Their relationship is then tested and the two eventually break up. Despite that, this is still one of the most beautiful love stories Disney has ever told! And did you recognize the characters?


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